On my way to DC for the Inauguration

Dear friends,
Today is an exciting day. First I want to give thanks to all of you for the positive messages and the outpouring of support. I continue to be very grateful and appreciative, thank you.
My husband Rev. Robert H. Thompson served on President Elect Obama's prayer committee throughout the campaign so 2 weeks ago they called and said they had 2 tickets for the Inauguration for us. We were thrilled. I have been less thrilled over the past few days about all of that walking and standing out in the cold with millions of people but I felt pulled nevertheless to witness history. Last night I booked my ticket and will be joining my husband in DC this evening. I am very excited and I feel very grateful for the opportunity.
I will be carrying my children and Soul Purpose with me in my heart.
Also please keep our sister Valerie Battiest in your prayers. She was at the event and her husband suffered a massive heart attack while in DC at the hotel. I am going to try to connect with her while there.
Let's keep each other lifted up,
with much love,



Thank you so much! for sending me a follow up email about soulpurpose. I AM EXCITED!
I have not read any of the prior blogs yet except for the 19th, but I just want to say...I somehow, knew I would see your profound leadership in action once again and was patiently waiting.

Thank you,

Monica said…
Hi Nadine - One of your past WS consultants told me about your blog and I was reading some of it with huge interest. I am working on a book proposal right now and I WOULD love to talk about it with you. Can you email me at mydmail@sbcglobal.net if you're interested in hearing more? Thanks!
Monica said…
Oh good! You moderate your comments! So you can get the previous comment I sent you and delete it if you want. I just wanted to be sure you could email me directly. :-) Thanks!

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