Sunday, January 20, 2008

Your Soul Purpose on Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday Morning!
I woke up this morning to new postings on the blog with some pretty incredible people sharing about their soul purpose. While I know that I may be emotional at this time in my life, I must admit that I was weepy when I read these entries and I felt again the calling that God has on my life. What if we had the voices of 3,000 people sharing their "soul purpose"? Can you imagine the power of those words? Can you imagine the power of that book? Can you IMAGINE????????? My favortie thing to do on Sunday mornings before going to church or doing anything else is to watch my favorite program, "Sunday Morning" on CBS. It keeps me abreast of the world from a cultural, political, spiritual, and sociological perspective. I love it! This morning, I also watched "Meet the Press" and was intrigued by the commentary on the presidential political campaign. A very interesting debate and commentary and race is emerging and I am very eager to see how it plays out. One of the political commentators, Michele Norris, a prominent host on NPR's "All Things Considered," reminded us about a famous quote that "we cannot be shackled by our fears". Interestingly enough, Ms. Norris is an African-american woman and someone I appreciate and admire. Her words were profound for me this morning after the slander thrown my way as I attempt to continue to empower people and especially women who look like me. This morning I pledge that I will not allow anyone's gender, class and influence, but most important, their wealth and litigous behaviour, deter me from continuing with my calling to empower and to help people find their voice, their calling, their Soul Purpose. I will not allow myself to be shackled by their fear of what I can accomplish - of what "WE" can can accomplish. I wish you all a blessed day today, one filled with joy, laughter and peace. And remember: Do not be shackled by your fears or anyone else's, go ahead and "DO YOU".
Much love,