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My Girl...

I am an avid reader of magazines and I must admit a bit of a pack rat when it comes to saving and collecting magazines. What is always amazing to me is that I can pick up an old issue of a magazine and always find something new and relevant. Well, on that note I picked up last summer's issue of Oprah at Home and there was a fabulous article on the last page. It was entitled "My Girl" and it is an article about one of my favorite journalists; Gwen Ifill and a picture her brother Oliver had painted for her. It is beautiful vibrant picture of a young black girl on a bright red canvas. Here is what Gwen said about the picture: "I call her colored girl. I love black girls. I think that we have such promise. And I think that we must have a certain type of uplift in our spirits because there are so many things out there waiting to beat us down. Every time I look at her, I see something else that is beautiful.   "She has a series of keys around her neck, with one lat