My only comment on this topic of Warm Spirit

I created my blog to have a place that I can post an update of the things going on with me and document my continuing journey particularly with Soul Purpose. If you look at my postings you will notice that I do not comment negatively about anyone or any organization but I speak the truth as it relates to me. I have tried and maybe it is was foolish not to speak about Warm Spirit ; because the pain is still there for me but I know that what ever I may say can easily be misconstrued and twisted. So speaking about Warm Spirit can be a dangerous thing.
My feelings about my ex business partner and the lack of integrity he displayed in between him and I is not a fight for the general public. I have read however, some comments from a few Warm Spirit consultants, that have finally even through their negativity, shined some light as to why people continued on with Warm Spirit even after I left. I want to take a moment to clear up any misconceptions and then close the book on this discussion; for me at least.
Please note that after today, I will remove any anonymous posts to my blog. I am visible and willing to sign my name to my posts and stand behind them and I believe if you post you should be able to hide behind anonymous.
A few things:

  1. When I left Warm Spirit, I did not and have not yet released a statement to the consultants. Daniel released a statement with his side of the story within days. He shut off my access to say anything and promised me a financial deal if I kept my mouth closed and did not communicate with the field. I received nothing by the way.
  2. I was also threatened with a law suit if I were to communicate with the consultants.
  3. When I left Warm Spirit we were operating at a profit and doing better then we ever have in history. Our sales were well over 1 million dollars per month and the community was growing and prosperous.
  4. We had just won the Black Enterprise Emerging Company of the year award and were nominated for other awards thereafter. This was a company on the verge of doing extraordinary things.
  5. In order to grow and take the company to the next level, it was important that we seek new capital and investors as we began that process.
  6. In that process Daniel announced that he no longer wanted to invest in Warm Spirit and wanted to sell the company.
  7. I agreed to raise the capital to purchase it. I was excited about becoming the majority owner.
  8. In the midst of the negotiations when I asked Daniel to put my equity stake in writing so I would confirm what percentage was mine on paper and what percentage me and the investors were purchasing. He made the announcement that he would no longer give me my equity stake that he had promised and we had a verbal agreement and understanding on.
  9. Daniel re-neighed on our agreement and wanted me to purchase the company 100% from him.
  10. After that blow to me and my family and the investors, we sent him an offer letter for 8 million dollars for the company.
  11. One week later he refused it and said we should go our separate ways. He did not intend to ever give me my equity stake.
  12. The team decided to keep WS intact, not sell it to me but grow the sales and sell it to a bigger purchaser.
  13. This guaranteed a job for the corporate team for the next 2 years and financial rewards if this plan worked.
  14. Many were betting on the fact that the consultants would blindly stay on with Daniel and his money. Believe the hype that somehow this was Nadine's fault and that CEOs come and go and they could grow the company and sell it. They had hoped that no one would wake up and say, she is not just the CEO we thought this was her company. Why would she walk away from her own company? How could she be fired from her own company? Why haven't we heard from her?
  15. In January 2007, they then sued me for starting my own company and started a legal war that would cost me so much that I would not have the capital to start my own company and therefore compete with them. Even though it was an illegitimate lawsuit it was a preemptive strike to prevent me from moving forward with a new venture.
  16. Although my name was slandered and my reputation was put at risk, I still kept my mouth closed, hinted when I could at the reality, invested all of my savings in a lawsuit and trying to start my own company.
  17. My lawyer advised me to stay quiet and allow the truth to come out in court.
  18. When the time came to go to court and I provided my evidence and Daniel had none. His lawyers called and dropped the lawsuit. Because they had no case against me other than to destroy me financially.
  19. At this point my only communications have been carefully measured on my website and my blog and the posts are still there as public record.
  20. The performance of Daniel's new team and the shrinking sales, spoke for themselves.
  21. Char manipulated even more to get control and become President. She finally got her wish and the company sales drop over 70% of where they were when I was running the company.
  22. I understand that Char has now left Warm Spirit.
  23. To date after building Warm Spirit from my basement, leaving my young children weekend after weekend to go to events etc, developing over 300 products, building a brand. I was ironically reduced to the position of just the CEO rather than a partner and Co-founder and fired.
  24. I was not fired because I was not doing a good job I was fired because Daniel did not want to give me any equity in the company that I built. That was the injustice and cause of my anger and pain.
  25. Yes, Daniel financed the company but I invested financially as well by working for very low wages and delaying any financial gain until the company grew and could be sold or the assets be redistributed.
  26. Daniel should receive a return on an investment but not by denying me mine.
  27. I lost all of my sweat equity, regular equity, everything. It was a devastating blow.
  28. Interesting fact about race and people and why you can't make this a black or white issue.
  29. This is not a black thing, or white thing or Jewish thing. It is a personal integrity thing.
  30. Daniel never apologized to me neither did Char.
  31. So we are not here today because of some fight between Daniel and Nadine. Daniel will tell you we have never fought. We are here today because of Daniel's lack of integrity and his unwillingness to keep his word. I created and built Warm Spirit and Daniel financed the business. We were a team and a good team for a long time. It was my fault to believe in friendship and not force the equity to be put in writing. I tried but I was not forceful enough. That was my failing as a CEO. I should never have believed in combining friendship with business. I gambled on friendship and trust and lost 12 years of sweat and sacrifice.
  32. I also lost a dear friend and someone that I loved.
  33. Yes, this lack of force and passivity was my fault and an invaluable lesson that I hope other women will learn from.
  34. I walked away without a severance package, lost sick and vacation time and had to fight in court to get a percentage of my sick benefits. In the end I was treated like an employee not the woman who had built the business.
  35. Next mistake: I made the huge mistake of believing that the consultants would understand what happened and stand up for the injustice and force Daniel to do the right thing. They knew I built this for them and would understand that a sister would not walk away from her baby after all of this. I was wrong when it came to the leaders, because their only concern was keeping going and their checks. They believed that Mitch would make them rich and that CEOs come and go. None of them seemed to care that Nadine had lost her company, not her job.
  36. I did not want people to leave Warm Spirit but to say to Daniel that unless he does the right thing by this woman we will not sell another jar of cream. I thought that they would demonstrate forceful empowerment as a group and bring about change. But no one said a word, they just moved on and it hurt tremendously.
  37. The consultants had the power to change the situation and force Daniel to do the right thing. Like me, they were not forceful enough and he won.
  38. We lost; we lost as a community the possibility to make histroy with a house built by powerful African American sisters.
  39. The blessing: I was hurt by the leaders for not standing behind me and it caused me grief and pain. I had to finally wake up one day and realize that I was to blame here again and most important I was overlooking the thousands of people who came with me, who believed in me and saw the truth without it being spelled out for them. I had not been grateful enough for my blessings.
  40. I was then able to celebrate those who were in the water with me and that is a powerful blessing.
  41. People can make their own decisions and I am moving on and will not mention this again. In my interviews I talk about the pain of betrayal, the lessons people learn as business women and how difficult it could be for women, for blacks and for anyone starting a business.
  42. Truth is you can grow a company to 2 million dollars a month in sales, you can recruit over 30,000 sisters, create over 200 products, develop a brand that has national recognition and value and still have people strip it away from you and belittle your efforts and accomplishments by saying, "she was just a social worker, we can do better without her". And when they're proven wrong and the sales drop by over 70% and the company is being sold right out from under them, they still justify their point of view. This is confusing!
  43. This has been draining yet empowering and I do not intend to comment on WS ever again on my blog. Truthfully it is too painful for me.
  44. For those who choose to stay after hearing my side of the story that is their choice, their freedom and part of their empowerment. The choice to do what they think is best for themselves. I respect that. And truth be told it was a long hard road to making peace with that and learning to accept these facts.
  45. I am moving on with my Soul Purpose!


Happy 2009. A toast to hope, Peace and empowerment.


Congratulations Nadine. I look forward to seeing you today at the January Jump-Off. We have over 50 people "pre-registered". I think we will have standing room only! Now that's the way to bring in the New Year!

Here's to 2009!
Anonymous said…
Nadine - Thank you for your explanation. I applaud you for your comments and your decision to put this matter to rest once and for all. As African American men and women, we need to build each other up, not tear down. As we all move through this journey, we work to be the best that we can be, and hopefully be able to accomplish the things that we set out to do. I think your comments will stop the gossiping on both sides. We can no longer afford this attack - neither company. As it was said in one of the earlier blogs if someone wants to make a decision to become a partner with Soul Purpose, they should do it because that's what they want to do, not be coerced, bullied or made to feel like they are betraying the cause. We all have responsibilities for our actions. In the end, God sees all, knows all, and truth always prevails. Godspeed with your journey. I wish you peace with your feelings about the past, and pray that it brings you no more pain or anguish.

We will continue to take our path and see where it leads us. Not because we are moving blindly, but because it is the choice that we are free to make. And, if we decide to partner with you, it will be with a free heart and mind because that is what we choose to do.

Peace to you.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Nadine for telling your side of the story. I commend you on moving forward, and birthing an incredible company with incredible products and an incredible comp plan.

Have a great time at the January Jump-Off today.

Peace and Blessings.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Lady Nadine for sharing this moment with us and for being the leader that you are. I am most honored to be a part of Soul Purpose. Here's to 2009 and beyond!

Shaune Williams
Managing Associate
Soul Purpose
NdeigoBleu said…
Hello Nadine,
Thanks for having the courage to stand up for your passion and what is just. Though I joined 'Warm Spirit' in October 2008. I fell more comfortable in joining you in this venture. I adore the quality that has been applied in the style and setup of the products, website as well in the opportunity to share in other partnership ventures that I have a keen interest in(mineral makeup and wine tasting). Simple fabulous. Thanks again Nadine for being an inspiration.
PamperQueen said…
Your current community is moving forward. Because of you...We Are SOUL PURPOSE.

Tanya Walters
Anonymous said…
Hi Nadine,
I want to say that the passion you put in your posting is powerful and I know that this entire ordeal has been painful for you.

The truth hurts sometimes but it will always set you free. I am glad that you were able to tell the truth in such a poignant fashion.

Today’s meeting in Maryland was FANTASTIC!! My house was packed and we had lots of people join the team!

This is bliss...this is what network marketing is all about! I'm having soooo much FUN! Thanks for starting all over again and thanks for SOUL PURPOSE!!

We Love You!


We getting Arab (private joke between Toni and me)
Aimee Wilson said…

Your message is powerful from a personal and professional standpoint. While sharing your truth about what occurred with Warm Spirit, you showed other entrepreneurs that starting a business must rest on business principles. This includes explicitly documenting roles of the founders. You are not alone in learning this lesson the hard way.

While I'm not affiliated with either of your companies, I have watched you and your businesses and I am impressed with your vision and how you execute it.

Keep on keepin' on!

Savor life's best,
Nia Muhammad said…
Thank you Nadine, for putting the truth out there once and for all. I am honored to be a part of Soul Purpose and look forward to the future.

May peace and blessings be with you forever!

DeNise Williams
Managing Associate
Anonymous said…
After years of being a consultant with Warm Spirit, I met a woman who was trying to recruit me for a travel business. She mentioned that she had heard that you were no longer with the company and were doing a business involving health care. I went home, immediately googled your name and saw the link to the Soul Purpose website, as well as your blog. I went to it and was immediately impressed by what I saw - and the products weren't even out yet! I listened to a replay of a Tuesday call, then participated on a live call. The rest is history! I signed up and have been truly blessed with that decision ever since. No one forced or coerced me to make the move. In fact, no one even recruited me from Soul Purpose. I sought quality and found it. It's that simple.

Nadine, you ARE quality and quality begets quality. A visionary, a leader. As Tina Turner would say, you're simply the best! Better than all the rest! That's why Soul Purpose is, and will continue to be, the best organization. I'm blessed and honored to be a part of it.

We're still in the water with you, Nadine.

Jill Washington
Managing Associate
Soul Purpose
Tanya Fussell said…

Hello Nadine!

You are a marvelous Woman having dealt with so much pain and anguish, yet you still rose right back to the top and will continue to do so. Your story is a powerful one and you told it like it is and was, bravo!

It was a wonderful thing to get to re-introduce myself to you today at the NYC 2009 Jump Off Event. I want to thank you so much for that great big warm hug I received from you.

I truly do admire you and your courage and your wisdom. We are in the water with you Nadine. There is no more holding on to the shore. Know that Soul Purpose will be bigger and better than ever. The now "Cold" Spirit is a thing of the past. That door may have closed, but some DOUBLE doors have opened right up for you!

THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL, but in the case of Soul Purpose, so let it be written, so let it be done. Thank you for beginning again.

From your proud Connecticut Soul Purpose Visionary Circle Member, Managing Associate and Lifestyle Entrepreneur...

Tanya Fussell
Unknown said…
Nadine, I commend you on continuing to stay positive and leading us with truth and vision. Because of you many of us now know firsthand that with God for you...NO ONE can be against you. This journey has been awesome and inspiring so far and I look forward to continuing on this path and having a vehicle in which to operate in my covenant rights as a child of the Almighty.

The number 9 means to bring to an end, conclusion, final judgment. It's only fitting that in 2009 we are bringing an end to lack, an end to living beneath our means. The final judgment is being meted out and I'm proud to be walking on the side of justice. Thank you for welcoming us into your Soul Purpose in order to make it ours!

Lapoluxury1 said…
Well I say it is about high time you were able to speak and let the masses in on the events that occurred from your perspective Lady Nadine. There will always be "haters" but those that know you and love you knew all along that you were walking on the side of righteousness. While no one on this earth is perfect, God has placed an angel among us in you and I personally could not be more grateful that you have been a presence in my life. I've said it before that you helped me save my life and I'll say it again because it really is true. So to all the haters out there, keep on hating because Lady Nadine is going to keep on shining! You can't keep a good/great woman down for long!

I'm so ready to shine with you in 2009! So ready!
Peace and love to you and your family.

Anonymous said…
Hello Nadine,

Thank you so much for setting the record straight with style and grace (as usual).
I can't tell you the hours, days and months of calls, comversations and discussions that have taken place amongst consultants as we have tried our hardest to piece together the layers of nothingness and contrieved answers.
It has been a source of angst and discomfort for many of us.
And although we have not always come to the correct conclusions or even had an inclination what was fact from what was fiction...the one thing that we have always known is that you can't change history. You can try to re-write the books, but there are always those left to tell the story, and the truth will always come out. You can give and take titles and change the names and officers, but certain things remain...when you create something, no one can take that away from you. And no matter what happens from this day forward, what we all knew then still stands...Nadine Abraham Thompson was then and is now the co-founder of Warm Spirit, Inc. And as I have said to many of my customers as I continue to tell the story of how Warm Spirit came to be ...Nadine co-founded Warm Spirit and has since taken her keen sense of style and started a new brand of lifestyle products that will rival all others.
I thank you for what you have put out into the universe. I applaud for the strength and perserverance you have displayed and I look forward to moving forward with you in 2009!
Anonymous said…
Thank you Nadine for that explination. I've been waiting for this answer. I couldn't understand what was going on and couldn't get any straight answers from upline. I couldn't understand why Char was taking over the conference call and over talking you and you were the owner. It was really pissing me off. I have been following you and your new business. I googled you and Soul Purpose and locked your company into my favorites. I'm in Michgan and I already made up in my mind that I was going to become a part of Soul Purpose. If there is someone in Michigan blog the contact information for me on your site.
Nadine said…
Thank you for your positive comments and feedback. It was very freeing for me to finally write down my experiences and journey; that was truly empowering.If you are willing to wait until tomorrow, you'll be able to find an entrepreneur in the Detroit area. If not please free to emal me at
Much love,
Nadine said…
I am sorry I wasn't clear. We are launching our entrepreneur locator tomorrow. You will be able to find it on on the Contact Us page. You will be able to find an entrepreneur using a name or zip code number. If not feel free to email me or leave me a message here.
Much love,
Lady Nadine,
WOW that's all I really have to say is WOW (with or without) them you will shine. I wish no ill will on anyone but what so ever a man soweth that shall he also reap. I have been done wrong in my life span and let me tell you continue to press towards that mark and God will prepare a table in front of all of you enemies. May God continue to bless and keep you always.
Armetria Charles
Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
First and foremost Sister Nadine, thank you for being the beautiful mellinated women that you are, you are a great inspiration to many, those of us who knew deep down in our spirits that something was not right no matter what they said, I decided at that moment after speaking with one of the "leaders" that Nadine wouldn't want us to stop, she built this for us, I thought something was wrong health wise, and that wasn't the case, however even after that I still felt something just wasn't right and decided from that moment on not to invest any more of my time, money or energy into Warm Spirit, me and another sister started to search for you and all praises be to The Most High we found you and it has been such a blessing for me and my family as well as the lives of so many others, my husband even believes with ease and that's big. I thank you for showing integrity, even when they were not telling us the truth, and for you to tell us not to seek out W.S. consultants to bring them over,that alone speaks volumes about you and your character and The Almighty sees and he rewards all and that's why this company is going to be a trillion $$ plus company, helping others find their Soul Purpose, and fulfilling why we are here,not just selling something. Bless you Nadine, let the wound be healed as if nothing was ever there! Praise Yah Love Brandy Israel
Nadine said…
Good afternoon Brandy,
i am online working and saw your post. Thank you for your kind words, thoughtfullness and support. As a matter of fact I am overwhelmed with gratitude with all of the posts over the past few days. I thought up until a few days ago that no one wanted to hear my side or cared but I thought this morning how can people make an informed decision if they don't the truth. I feel at ease and at peace with the situation. I am so grateful for the blessing of Soul Purpose but most important I am grateful for individuals such as yourself. I truly appreciate and admire you and I am so grateful for this community.
Thanks so much and much love,
Valerie Fields said…
Dear Nadine, thank you so much for sharing the events that led up to your departure from Warm Spirit. I was a WS consultant for almost 5 years and the moment I found out you were no longer a part of the company, I knew I would not be renewing my consultant agreement. Because it was your vision that resonated with me that made me join WS. I remember meeting you in NY at an opportunity meeting, I asked you if you would autograph the copy of my essence magazine - you seemed somewhat surprised that someone would want your autograph. I discovered at that moment that you did not fully realize your own greatness and the impact that you were having on the lives of countless women. After you left WS I thought about you often and tried to imagine what you must have been feeling. So I wrote to you on a beauty blog you were doing at the time and you shared a part of the reason why you left and told me that you were in the process of having your website built. With great anticipation I checked weekly and in January of '08 I found you online and joined SP as a visionary. I was enlightened to the fact that YOU WERE PREGNANT WITH THIS PURPOSE WHILE YOU WERE AT WARM SPIRIT and although it was a painful process - as the birth process sometimes is, the moment you pressed pass the pain, GOD BREATHED INTO YOUR PURPOSE AND IT BECAME A LIVING SOUL. Thus the birth of Soul Purpose. You need to thank God for what happened at WS because if it did not, there would be no Soul Purpose. Please be encouraged and inspired by that.
Anonymous said…
I Celebrate you as a Victor not a Victim!
After your January Jump-off several LE's decided to go to the Marriott Hotel's The View Lounge in Manhattan for some business networking.
I mentioned to the ladies that I came across an article with you promoting WS in Essence magazine with Jill Scott 2004 on the cover. A WS consultant from Baltimore gave me this information about the business. Back then I was impressed, but not with all the products. What's interesting, is I am now a LE for Soul Purpose and is looking forward to sharing with the World products made from the finest ingredient and abundance of love. The best customer is a loyal one; and it makes good sense to share the wealth of opportunity. "Stay in the Now, and let the rest take it's course."
Let peace be with you always.
Unknown said…

I celebrate you and the empowered woman that you are today. I feel your pain. While I did not lose a company, I lost a lot by trusting in a company from Texas that I had done business with from the east coast. I closed my law practice and uprooted my daughter, agreeing to be separated from my husband and sons for weeks at a time for a company and a business opportunity that i believed in. At the end of the day, the company misrepresented so many things and failed to pay me. I took them to court and won a large settlement but have not and may never be able to collect it. You see, I gave up my independence and sacrificed time with my family for promises that a business never intended on keeping...Now, it is over a year later, I am still trying to heal. So I understand.

That is why when I saw you on Saturday, felt your determination, peace and energy...I have always trusted your integrity... I made the decision to join the ranks.

For the record...I want to be a part of a BLACK OWNED BUSINESS! Thank you for this opportunity.

Natalynn Dunson-Harrison, Esq.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing Lady Nadine. Not only is what you shared empowering in itself; but also uplifting and inspiring! I felt in my heart the moment I heard the announcement you were no longer with Warm Spirit that something was not right. A few friends and I made the decision to stay and keep our ears open! As soon as we found out you were on a new path, a new journey, we didn't hesitate to come along with you. Your demonstration and reflection of an exquisite character, full of truth, compassion, and integrity confirmed that whatever you would touch would prosper, with the Almighty God's Blessing. It is no surprise to me the way events are concluding with WS. I am just happy and at peace to know that our God is a just God. May He Bless you and Soul Purpose with the utmost success!!!
Anonymous said…
Nadine - it is apparent that the events of what happened between you and Daniel Wolf of Warm Spirit are true, as he confirmed through an email released to the consultants today that Warm Spirit would no longer be in existence as of today. I never doubted for a minute that there were some "shady" dealings with Warm Spirit, after they announced your sudden leaving the company. I, being a former Warm Spirit consultant, lost respect for the company's leaders because they would never give a reason as to why you "just walked away from the company." I admire the honesty and tactfulness that you have displayed in communicating such a painful matter to the public. It is apparent that you are a woman of God, because I know that some of us could not have had the patience and humility that you displayed in dealing with this experience. This whole ordeal points to the fact that God's word is true, "Whatever a may soeth, he shall also reap." You are now reaping the positive and successful fruits of you labor, and Daniel Wolf, Char Knox, and Mitch are reaping the evil and negativity that they tried to sow in your life.

With wishes of continued prosperity and God's blessings on your life,

By the way are there any Soul Purpose consultants in the Lakeland, Florida area? I am interested in purchasing products as a customer.
Unknown said…
Thank you so very much for sharing...HONESTLY...from the moment I saw you and read just a little bit about was evident that you were a woman of great it did not matter to me what folk had to say.

This story was a blessing for so many people which is why GOD lead you to break the silence. You are 100% correct, there is nothing more that needs to be said..that is a closed chapter of your book and I thank GOD for those test and trials because there is simply no victory unless there was a fight....and YOU ARE VICTORIOUS....You have blessed me so much in just this short period of time and I am finally on track with my Souls Purpose!!!

Phillipians 1:6
"Being confident of this very thing, that HE which hath begun a good work in you, WILL perform it until the day of Jesus Christ."
Anonymous said…
Lady Nadine, I bow to you, for your beauty, your courage and your strength. You have been through the "Refiner's Fire" and you have come out PURE GOLD! God planted Soul Purpose in your DNA before the foundation of the world. It could only be birthed by you. Nobody else could bring this baby into being.

Soul Purpose is not an accident, or an outcome of unfortunate circumstances. Oh no. God knows the plans He has for you/us. He creates the circumstances that cause us to bring his plans to completion. Yes, it is usually just painful enough to cause us to move in the appropriate direction.

You are stronger, wiser, truly empowered and your creativity is off the chain. He moved you out from a pit of snakes because your destiny could not be tarnished by such ill will (evil),and He placed you in a beautiful field of dreams, so that His love for you could blossom in a way that nobody could imagine.

You are blessed and highly favored. After all, "All great changes are preceded by chaos." Peace, love and more joy than you can stand, Fair Lady. I am proud and honored to be in the water with you.

Victoria Pratt
Soul Purpose LE
HeadOfTheHolly said…
(2nd try- 1st was lost)

Dear Nadine, Thank you for your clear, heartfelt explanation. I have been a consultant with WS for many years (part of the first 1300) and attended several events and conferences. I was blessed to feel your beautiful spirit and spend time with you.
For the past couple of years I have been out of touch with the company. I always renewed my membership and ordered occaisionally, but I wasn't well connected. When I heard about your split with WS I was shocked. I couldn't get any answers. Everything just felt wrong. YOUR spirit wasn't there. I stopped ordering...I wish I had done more.
Please know that SO many of us were completely uninformed.

I am an hispanic/white girl from Utah, but I always felt at home, loved and cared for in your beautiful community. Part of an amazing sisterhood. Thank you.

I'm delighted to hear about Soul Purpose. I hope I will have the opportunity to meet with you again.
You, Your family and Your purpose will be in my thoughts and prayers.
God Bless.

Sarah Hollingshead
Anonymous said…
I truly know that God works all things out for the good even when we don't see it and especially when we are not feeling it. You are a blessed woman, Nadine. You have picked up broken pieces in a way that others could not in just a short period of time. Your experience allows you to testify about a key aspect of all our lives-resiliency! I am disappointed at your experience with Danial and Char but I also knew that Warm Spirit would not do as well without your name behind the title. Congrats! Congrats! May you continue on your spiritual journey towards Jesus Christ.
Anonymous said…
Thanks you for sharing your story. You made my spiritual baby leap because you have publically proven that Character and Integrity will always take an individual further than money or anything else. I remember how inspirational, personalable, and passionate you are about women through WS. Reading all about Soul Purpose, Nadine you are operating in your gift. Continue being a light because... "Blessed is she who believes for there 'shall be' a performance of those things told to her from the lord."

Much Love and Continued Success,

E. Brooks
Anonymous said…
Lady Nadine,

As a former WS consultant. I want you to know that you were loved tremendously by all, and when you "walked away" it rocked the WS community, and people were outraged!!!! There was never a real clear answer as to why you left, and no one would really give a clear answer when asked directly. I am happy to see that SP is doing well, and growing prosperously. Lady Nadine YOU introduced me to WS and got me started on my way, and that was the beginning of a new path for me, and I love and appreciate you for it. I need to heal from the events, clear my head, and find my soul purpose. Love to all my past, present, and future sisters. Let the healing begin.....
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the clarification. I felt that there was something going on and I discontinued purchasing directly from WS. May God continue to bless you.
Unknown said…
Good Morning Nadine,
I joined Warm Spirit in 2004 because of what I read in Essence Magazine. Your vision of the company was what I was looking for. I enjoyed having gatherings, going to national conferences and meeting you! I remember going to my last national convention and Daniel getting on stage and saying that he was putting too much money into the company and that the sales needed to improve. Months later I received the email that you were no longer with the company. I went to a training not affiliated with Warm Spirit and ran into several national level upline there. They assured me that they had spoken to you and that you were doing fine. I had already made the decision to pursue other things.

Nadine, I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, in its own ordained time. You are destined for better things with Soul Purpose. Those that were only concerned about that check will now no longer have it, because it can never be just about the money. I am glad to see that you are healing from this process. I will support you as a customer of Soul Purpose in the future. I appreciate being touched by your sincere spirit and passion for what you do.

Tonya Morris Spears
Anonymous said…
Hi Nadine -

I was WS Consultant 13,655 and I am with you on Soul Purpose. Where do I go...what do you need me to do!

Saideh Browne
Anonymous said…
Dear Nadine,
I have been praying for you and will continue to pray for you. Thank You for the courageous conversation you posted and the explanation that anyone involved with WARM SPIRIT has been waiting for. Indeed, their have been many lessons learned!! I, myself was floored when I received both of Daniel's letters and could not quite wrap my brain around why a strong woman like yourself would leave a company that "she" nurtured from birth??? The calls that I dialed into after the fact were disturbing because all I heard was all of this business acumen that meant absolutely nothing. I joined WARM SPIRIT solely because a black woman was at the helm doing the right thing!!
I prayed that GOD would hold you in his hands and take you to the next level and he has! I want to suggest that you continue to tell "your story", IT IS IMPORTANT!! Becoming silent on the subject will not HELP but HINDER!! You have nothing to hide..please just continue to tell the TRUTH!! YOU MUST....continue to tell your story!! What you experienced was an act of BETRAYAL on many levels! What you experienced is what is WRONG with the business world supposedly acting in the name of business!! Witholding your story does not reveal what GOD has in store for you to reveal to the world. You should write a book about your experience!! As a people, we need to have the courageous conversations more often because alot played into this and assimilation was a major factor! The truth of the matter is Daniel Wolf would not have been able to do what he did without support.....the leaders who we looked to...who only looked to HIM and their businesses...who have now been DUPED...that is the business side of the story that needs to be told.
I cannot say that I am angry because the times we live in..people make choices! BUT I am disappointed!!
In closing, your faith and your courage to get up and keep moving towards your soul purpose has sustained you and given you new life. THANK GOD!! But there are so many people that have taken the same journey that have fell in disgrace because they think they are the only people going through it! That is why I want to encourage you to please continue to TELL YOUR STORY! I so thank GOD for your story and the victory. I look forward to what the future holds!!

Denise Baker-Bradley
Unknown said…

I do understand the pain you're experiencing. I had a similar experience. I was a partner in a direct sales cosmetic company and I was betrayed as well - by my brother!! There are no words to express the pain and disappointment. As a Christian, I learned I may not fully understand but God does...You can be certain that all things do work out for the best!!

More than likely this is God's way of moving you to another level. Sometimes we don't move on unless there's an earthquake in our world. If there wasn't an earth shattering experience there would not be A Soul Purpose...

God bless you and my prayers are with you and Soul Purpose. Also, I am excited to be a part of the journey with you. It is going to be a powerful change agent affecting women around the world.
Anonymous said…
Nadine,Congratulations on moving forward in your new opportunity. I was a Warm Spirit consultant and left several years ago because of some "hints" of things to come. I was not comfortable with some of the things I observed. At the time, I was told that everything would work out and not to worry. Apparently, those were the cracks that developed into the fissures that eventually came between you and the company you created. Hindsight is 20-20 but the past is the past for a reason. You now have a beautiful gift--the present as well as a new business to nurture and build without any negativity. As long as we learn from our past experiences, then the past was not in vain. You did not owe anyone an explanation, but you addressed the situation as a true WOMAN should. God does not close a door without giving you a way out. Be blessed!
Tanneka Guice said…
Ms. Thompson,
I'm heart-broken by your story, well, I'm sure it's not the entire stoy, but it was difficult for me to read no less. I was introduced to Warm Spirits by my mentor in 2007, and fell in love with the products. I even thought about becoming a consultant this past week. I went online to order the brown sugar scrub and find out about becoming a consultant, and learned the company has failed to pay the website bill. I guess this means the company has gone under. I'm sure there's a lot that you can't understand right now; like why happened to you.
In times like this, you have to remind yourself over and over again, Jeremiah 29:11. Continue to trust in God, walk in His light, and He'll continue to guide you.
May God continue to bless you. Please let me know if you need consultants for your next company, I'd love the opportunity.
Be Blessed,
Tanneka G
Anonymous said…
I often wondered what happened. I was not a consistent customer but periodically I would make purchases. After reading this and as a woman growing her own business, I say "Go head gurl!" You are one of a kind and no one can do anything how you would do it. I WILL support Soul Purpose. This will be greater and more rewarding than Warm Spirit ever was. Your going to the next level....blessings to you!
Salina said…
I am so happy to see this! I was a consultant, that didn't feel comfortable with changes. And kept waiting for the products to become more natural (paraben free, etc.). So when it came time for renewal, I decided not. And when you left - WHAT? I thought no way... But as you mentioned, I didn't speak up. I just looked to something else. For a while I looked to see where you had gone, and then looked for other products to sell. But nothing compared. I am so happy I decide to visit the site, and saw it was discontinued.. 'cause it lead me to an internet searh of soul purpose! Woohoo! You're back! Can't wait for the hair products! I'm ready to be a consultant again!
Anonymous said…
I am so new to all of this but it put a damper on my heart to dream on. I also took a lot from what you wrote so that is good but man. who to trust?
Sandz said…
Thank you - I was able to forward this to a friend who didn't even know.

I wish you the best with your New(er) business, learned experiences, and healing.
Renee said…
WOW! Here I was thinking just last night as I was telling a friend how great the products were and that I wanted to try to become a consultant again and then I ran across this article. Its sad but yet uplifting, because YOU DIDNT QUIT! I believe in YOU. May GOD guide your steps and give you favor.
Rita Greenbird said…
I was a consultant and I just thought the company went out of business because the economy was bad. I considered joining Soul Purpose. I may look at it more seriously. Thank you. I love your products.
Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
We've all had a "Job" experience. I am so glad that I looked this up. Your response confirms that there is a battle going on being good and evil. We all have to choose a side, and fight for what we believe in. I've learned that God will take away everything from you, if we are not good stewards according to his will. It is all his, and we can never forget that. I embrace you Nadine. I am looking forward to meeting you in the near future. You are a class act. I know what it's like to be hurt by people you trust; but, the lesson to be learned is... God will provide. He will provide the people to implent the vision he has given you. It's taken me most of my life to really understand what it means to really walk by faith, and to really trust that he will provide; and, I mean everything! He is the creator, and there is nothing too big for God. I hope you read this message. I was not a part of the first venture. Thank God; however, I am here now for my soul purpose on earth. I am looking forward to taking this godly walk with you. You can't ever stop God's blessings! I am truly inspired by you. I know about starting over because, just like you, I've had to do just that after the real estate market shift. I am looking forward to this journey.
Adrienne Williams, Miami Florida
Organizer of
Fabulous South Florida Women
felisia said…
I was looking through a collection of papers and such in "the box" and I came across this catalog of warm spirit,2008 that was given to me by my sister. Looking through it I thought the prices were a little challenging,but I thought I might want to go ahead and order something. I proceed to the computer to search for my sister's website,but I find nothing..then I check a website for warm spirit, only to discover who the founder of this company is and the hardship of persecution only for her to rise and reign again. I am so Godly proud of how you chose to handle the whole situation.. what a testimony and a testament to who God is in your life and what he has done for you and for his glory. He recovered you from what was to be a ruin for life. But like his son Jesus, you rose up.
Warm Spirit suffered violently by those that held her in captivity for wrong..but something more had to come out of you..therefore what was meant for evil,God meant it for good. May the favor and soul purpose of God move and flow richly in all you set your hand to do. God bless and your family and forever keep in in his care.. Love Felisia.
felisia said…
I was digging through "the box" of the unfinished and I came across a warm spirit catalog of 2008 that was given to me by my sister who was a consultant. I did not order at that time because I thought the prices were a little challenging for me.. so now at this time I thought I'd go ahead and order only to find there is no site..I go to visit my sister's website to place an order,nothing..then I came across the owner and founders site or blog and read this intense happening and my heart is racing and I'm feeling compassion and anger at the same time..BUT I read on. The latter turns out to be greater than the first. I smile now and I think, look at God..something more had to come out of her. God was not and is not finished..what a great work he had begun in you. This just proves God word of suffering,enduring to the end,trusting in Him,having faith,and him proving hisself in our lives when our enemies rise up against us..what was meant for evil,God meant it for good. what a testament of God and a testimony to the world..He spread the table before you in the presence of your enemies.. what a mightly God..I am so Godly proud of how you handled the situation and what was meant to ruin you for life catapulted you into the next phase.. God rescued you and like his son Jesus you rose up. May the Lord who is great and worthy continue to keep you and your family - may his blessings move and flow richly upon your lives. Love, Felisia
Nicole McKinney said…
Greetings Ms. Nadine,

As a black college student here in Oregon I was brought aboard to help with holiday packaging in what seemed like late 90's early 2000. I was amazed to find out that a black women owned a great business in my very white state. My hard work earned me a ticket out of the warehouse and into the corporate office of Clackamas, Oregon (Admin.). It was there in that small town I had the plesure and honor to meet you Ms. Nadine. Your down to earth and sistah like attitude made me see that I was just important as the the big wigs you flew to meet with. After leaving the company to continue my schooling I have since had on my bookshelf Values Sell that helped me open several sucessfull business of my own the first a Massage business that allowed me to sell WS. Like you to I had a partnership that was contracted by friendship and lost what I thought was everything. However after reading your post I have to find that I have to share with you that you touched those that you may have not remembered. See I know that it's easy to ask folks or even demand support from those closest to us but truth is those we dont know or even just may not remember support us through living out the spirit and energy you passed on briefly.

Thank you,


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