Heartfelt Gratitude!!!

Happy Sunday morning to everyone and our beloved community.
I have been enjoying this morning, listening and looking at my favorite TV show Sunday Morning on CBS. It is a wonderful documentary type show and then all of the shows like Meet the Press etc who are discussing the up coming Inauguration. This is an exciting time to be alive, we are in the midst of history!!!!!!
I am writing this blog entry this morning because I woke up feeling full, full, full of gratitude with all of the responses to my blog posts. People have been generous, thoughtful, sweet, forgiving and positive. I am so grateful for your kind words etc. It is difficult to respond to everyone but I have read every one of your responses.
Today I feel more positive, more optimistic, more enthusiastic and more hopeful than I ever have. I feel great about President Elect Obama and positive about the potential of Soul Purpose.
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your support. Please keep writing and blogging, your words are encouraging.
Much love,


Anonymous said…
Hello Nadine,
I have received so many copies of your final word on Warm Spirit from my Warm Spirit team that I had to look you up for myself. I thought you stepped down from Warm Spirit due to health reasons. I didn't question it because you had came to the conference right after a surgery, so it all kind of made sense to me. I always wondered why you didn't address us yourself, so thank you for your explanation. Warm Spirit actually was no more the second you left. For me, Warm Spirit was a Lifestyle and it was easy to run the business because I was proud of the you, the company and it's accomplishments. My Warm Spirit business lost it's spark about a year ago. I feel like a big liar because everyone would ask what happend to you and I told them you stepped down to take care of your health. I feel used and betrayed by Daniel Wolf and his crew, but he wouldn't care, because I haven't been a top producer for a while. He knew that we would all follow you. My 41st birthday present to my self next month is to start my new soul purpose business. My mom is so mad that she is writing to Oprah to ask her to bring you on her show to tell your story. I told her that you still might not be able to tell your story. I am so glad that my teammates sent me your blog. Warm Spirit closed because God don't like ugly. Our people need to stop being crabs in a bucket and start sticking together to lift each other up.
God Bless You and Your Family!
Nadine said…
hi Lorraine,
Thank you for your very thoughtful message. It is such a relief to hear back from people positively and to learn of their experiences. I feel really blessed to have the opportunity to tell my story and share my testimony. I am free to speak about it now and as long as I am telling the ruth and only speaking about my experience I am fine. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to have started Soul Purpose and I hope it provides a healthy prosperous place for people to continue their entrepreneurial journeys. I would love to have you on the team and I am here to provide support.
Tell your mom I would love to tell Oprah my story.
Thanks again and much love,
mikasi said…
Hello Nadine. I am a former Warm SPirit consultant. I recently learned the awful truth about yuor experience with Warm Spirit, and I must say I was truly huurt and shocked. After learning that Warm SPirit had folded, my wifr, firneds, and family members who used the products began to wonder abotu what haw we were going to get such awesome products anymore. A dear friend found your information late one night and told me about it. I consider it an answer to prayer because I'd been praying about the Warm SPirit situation and asked God how WS could fold and He told me to become a part of it; why would He have me become a member of something that was folding. Let's just say that you now have my support; my wife and I haev decided to join your team, as well as my other family members and friends. We are getting the word out about you and what you are doing, and we want to be a part of it. GOd has you, and where God is, I am going to be there, too. GOd Bless you beyond yuorwildest imagination. SIncerely, Michael

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