Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tell your story, it is God's story

I feel so blessed in my life to be surrounded my supportive friends and family. Today was an extremely busy day for me. I am ashamed to admit that I went to my first doctor's appointment that I have been to in over year. This is terrible self care but there is always hope for improvement. I ended getting a few shots including a flu shot so I am feeling a little under the weather and will make it an early evening to bed.
This morning I woke up to this beautiful email message from my spiritual coach April Robinson. Her words were so wise and most importantly so comforting that I wanted to share it with all of you. The important thing is that we all have a story to tell and God has blessed us all on our journeys.
So with April's permission here it is.
Much love,
Good Morning Nadine
I pray all is well. I have been meaning to call you and touch bases, but I know how time does not permit us.

I thought of Job in the Bible, when you first informed the Alpha Team that you was going to start telling your story. But God wanted me tell you that your story is not just any story, but your story is similar to Job story in the Bible. Job was a man of integrity who lost everything, family, finance, and friends. Many chapters show how Job was continually tried to defend what happen to him (his story) to some so-called friends and others. However, at the end Job true story came out -which is in Job 42:12A "So the LORD blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning:" . Nadine, I want to tell you that God wants you to know that your story is His Story. This means that all that has happen to you has given you a new awareness of the wisdom of God's hidden plans, Soul Purpose and much more. So when the world hears your story, they will not just hear but witness how God set you free, released you from "Warm Spirit" and others that kept you captive, they will hear and see how God's restoration of your life is immediate and bountiful, they will hear and see God's hand was and is continually on you. Lastly Nadine, If you look at the beginning of the book of Job- God knew exactly what was going to happen to Job, but God considered Job a person of integrity and character -perfect and unright man- and God said "there is none like him on earth". That Job would pass the test. Nadine God has chosen you to tell HIS story, because no matter what He knew you would come through

Love Ya

Monday, October 27, 2008

Essence Summit

This past week has been a tremendous week. I was so honored to be invited to speak at the Women Who Are Shaping the World Summit. It was a tremendous honor and an unforgetable experience for me. Meeting all of the wonderful women who are making a difference was wonderful and inspiring. I was very moved by Robin Roberts and her story about her journey with breast cancer and her recovery. The women in the audience who came forward and testified were awe inspiring. It was a great day!
As far as my speech was concerned it was very cathartic to be able to share about my creation of Warm Spirit, the resulting set backs and the blessing and creation of Soul Purpose. The audience was moved and I was surprised by the fact that no one knew that I was no longer with Warm Spirit. I knew that intellectually but was still shocked by seeing and hearing it from the women. I was proud to share that there is now a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company and a beautiful line of products that represents the next generation of personal care. I am so proud of Soul Purpose and all of our entrepreneurs, we are all visionaries and I believe we can be successful. I can now look back over the past 18 months and feel nothing but pride and a sense of accomplishment about our growth thus far.
I am so proud to be in the water with all of you and wish you a blessed day.
Much love,

Monday, October 13, 2008


As many of you may know, I am a Canadian citizen. I grew up in Toronto Canada and it is the place I call home. It is actually where my parents and brother reside. Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and I miss home terribly. To celebrate the day, I woke up and decided to be grateful today no matter the events of the day. I cleaned and decorated the house, so it felt like Thanksgiving. I had turkey pot pie for lunch, and for dinner I prepared a spicy mango & BBQ chicken; baked mac and cheese; tomato seasoned rice and a salad crowned with feta cheese, bacon, almonds and cranberries. for desert; Italian wedding cookies and almond cookies. It was wonderful, there were all aspects of my multicultural existence in the meal I prepared. I am grateful to be alive and although my children rolled their eyes at me celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving, I enjoyed myself never-the-less. I am committed to being and staying in a state of gratitude.
Soul Purpose is doing very well, there is so much wonderful stuff happening and unfolding and for all of it, I am grateful. The products have turned out beautifully and there are many more to come; our partnership with Youngevity has been a blessing that still has not been fully realized; our partnership opportunities keep growing and unfolding it is so amazing. Most of all we have an extraordinary community of entrepreneurs who have embarked upon and committed themselves to the Soul Purpose business, more than anything else to them I am so grateful because they make it happen and they make it real each and every day.
Soul Purpose is blossoming into a wonderful community of people, partners, products, opportunities and entrepreneurs.
Oh before I forget to mention, I began the day today with a beautiful succulent mango that my friend Cynthia Barnum sent me 2 weeks ago but just fully ripened this morning. Mangoes are my favorite fruit, they are abundant in Trinidad where I was born and they are the fruit of my childhood. Another beautiful aspect of today for which I am extremely grateful.
So happy Canadian Thanksgiving to everyone, it is a great day of gratitude indeed.
Much love,