Sunday, July 27, 2008


This weekend and this month we are celebrating INDEPENDENCE at Soul Purpose. This makes me proud because independence whether it be financial or emotional can be truly liberating and empowering. I used a quote in a message from our 32nd president Franklin D Roosevelt.

True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.-- Franklin D. Roosevelt

I believe that what we are doing at Soul Purpose can really help people in their quest for independence. We have created beautiful products, an empowering business opportunity and a beuatiful and supportive community of entrepreneurs.

We had wonderful celebrations around the country this weekend and we were blessed with many new community members, to God, we give all of the glory. We are blessed!!!

This month I am also celebrating my 100 pound weight loss. I still have another 60 pounds to go but I am grateful for the first 100. I did a new photoshoot a few days ago and have some new photographs. I have to continue my health and wellness regime but getting away from a toxic work environment and toxic relationships has made all of the difference.

I believe that practicing what we preach is important but Soul Purpose has been a remarkable blessing to me and has given me the confidence to be all that I can be. This evening while writing this blog, I received a call from a wonderful woman Marie Freeman from Maryland. She called to say hello and let me know how proud she was and happy for me with my accomplishments and weight loss but she also shared her testimony about her health struggles. Her story is inspiring and I feel so blessed that she reached out to me and so touched and humbled by her story.

I am grateful for my life and blessed to have a soul purpose. Thank you for "being in the water' with me. Welcome to all of our new Lifestyle Entrepreneurs!
Have a tremendous weeked,

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The journey continues in Baltimore...

This weekend I am blessed to continue my journey with Team Elite and many others of the Soul Purpose community in Baltimore MD. I am sitting at the back of the room preparing to leave for the airport and felt the need to share my thoughts and overwhelming feelings of gratitude that i feel in this moment. I have been working for the past 10 months on the birthing of Soul Purpose, it has been a tremendous journey and this weekend the work, the sacrifice, the pain and the joy have been affirmed. Antonio Adair one of the speakers today reminded me that the pain was the gift and Dora Chamgers reminded us that we must discipline our disappointment. Those words were affirming because it is in essence the definition of my journey, it has been about discipline, focus, resilience and recognizing the gifts that I have been blessed with.
today being in the midst of 80 plus beautiful women and men who came to learn more about Soul Purpose as well as to embark on this journey together. The testimonies were awesome for example the sisters who drove non-stop from Cincinnatti Ohio to be here, one of them a mother of nine beautiful children. Another sister could not really afford to attend but emptied her bank account to pay the registration fee because she saw it as an investment in herself and her future. The most powerful testimony was that of a sister who traveled with her husband and 3 children, they drove for over 30 hours from Houston Texas to attend the business school. What is most significant thing about this sister's journey is that she is wheelchair bound. I wept and was humbled in her presence; 30 hours in a wheelchair with her entire family!!!!!
The lesson learned is that no distance is too far or journey too long if you are determined to be successful!
This weekend has changed my life and it has re-affirmed my committment to Soul Purpose. These were some of the most admirable, beautiful, committed, lovely and passionate entrepreneurs/people that I have ever met.
Ms. Dora Chambers reminded us of the need for balance in my life and some of the important life lessons for me and my family. Reminding the children that: there is no lack of limitation in your life, you can have what ever you want. It depends upon your hard work and determination.
The Soul Purpose journey has begun and I am honored to be in the water with each and everyone of you. We are the ones we've been waiting for.
Much love,