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How are you today?

Just wondering how are you today? Are you okay? Have you taken a few minutes to just pause, breathe or simply close your eyes for a moment? If you have not please do, do it for you, for your peace and serenity. It has been a full day for me, working on my email, working on Soul Purpose and watching my new addiction CNN and thinking and planning the work ahead. I continue to be inspired by President Obama and his steadfast work ethic and ability to hit the ground running doing whatever needs to be done to get the job done correctly. I am inspired to do even more and work a little harder. In the midst of the hard work however we have to take the time out to care for our selves, our souls and our spirits. I just finished watching a show on Public Television called Basic Black. They interviewed Elizabeth Alexander who was the poet who read at the Inauguration. I didn't really make much note of the poem at the inauguration but when I read the words online today they really resonated wit

On my way to DC for the Inauguration

Dear friends, Today is an exciting day. First I want to give thanks to all of you for the positive messages and the outpouring of support. I continue to be very grateful and appreciative, thank you. My husband Rev. Robert H. Thompson served on President Elect Obama's prayer committee throughout the campaign so 2 weeks ago they called and said they had 2 tickets for the Inauguration for us. We were thrilled. I have been less thrilled over the past few days about all of that walking and standing out in the cold with millions of people but I felt pulled nevertheless to witness history. Last night I booked my ticket and will be joining my husband in DC this evening. I am very excited and I feel very grateful for the opportunity. I will be carrying my children and Soul Purpose with me in my heart. Also please keep our sister Valerie Battiest in your prayers. She was at the event and her husband suffered a massive heart attack while in DC at the hotel. I am going to try to connect with h

Heartfelt Gratitude!!!

Happy Sunday morning to everyone and our beloved community. I have been enjoying this morning, listening and looking at my favorite TV show Sunday Morning on CBS. It is a wonderful documentary type show and then all of the shows like Meet the Press etc who are discussing the up coming Inauguration. This is an exciting time to be alive, we are in the midst of history!!!!!! I am writing this blog entry this morning because I woke up feeling full, full, full of gratitude with all of the responses to my blog posts. People have been generous, thoughtful, sweet, forgiving and positive. I am so grateful for your kind words etc. It is difficult to respond to everyone but I have read every one of your responses. Today I feel more positive, more optimistic, more enthusiastic and more hopeful than I ever have. I feel great about President Elect Obama and positive about the potential of Soul Purpose. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your support. Please keep writing and blogging, your w

One door closes and another opens!

On Thursday night I had a wonderful experience in New York City. My friend Terrie Williams hosted a program at the Symphony Space regarding depression in the black community based around her book Black Pain. It was a phenomenal event and the outpouring of emotions and testimonies were life changing. It was an evening to remember. On the way home from the airport yesterday I received a call from a dear friend telling me that Warm Spirit had closed its doors. I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. I felt a myriad of emotions from sadness to relief to tragedy to loss to relief again. It has been a tremendous last 12 years of my life, building upon a dream and a vision of empowerment. I believed that the dream was possible and I worked tirelessly and sacrificed so much to make it a reality. In 2006/2007 we were at the top of our game and poised for greatness. Even though my journey as the leader of Warm Spirit ended I privately had hoped that God would preserve my legacy and the

Broken Open...Looking at your life through a lense of gratitude.

I was watching Oprah today while working quietly on my lap top. It has been a great show full of great information about sacred and spiritual journeys. I am overwhelmed with feelings and emotions after watching the show today, it was a gift from God. Here are a few things that I took from the show today and I would love to share with you. if you are in a different time zone and have a moment to watch today's episode, I encourage you to curl up with a cup of tea and watch it. I am so grateful to all of those individuals who responded to my blog entries in the past few days. I have wept silently with gratitude. Please keep sharing your stories with me and with this community. It is so uplifting!!!! Here are my notes from the show today. I plan to write some more entries on some of these themes but for now, I just want to share and be grateful. Please excuse the typos. I was typing quickly and trying catch everything. Spirituality is the essence of everything. It is important to griev

It was good!!!!!! "Soul Purpose is Good"

On my spiritual journey I try to reflect on things that can advance my growth. Today I was on the plane on my journey back from the Soul Purpose jump off event in New York, I was reflecting on what a wonderful event it was. The faces of the women and men were just beautiful and thoughtful and positive. I felt honored to be in their presence. I felt light and warm and comfortable and un-complicated. In my devotional book the readings for this week are about loving thy neighbor, sabbath and appreciating the things that are good in your life. It is a reflection on the belief that when God created differents elements of the earth he paused and said "It was Good". My devotional encourages us to pause and reflect on the things that are good in our lives; to appreciate them and be grateful for them. I believe that Soul Purpose is a good thing. I believe that our Soul Purpose community is a good community; I believe that our vision and mission are good ones. I pray for God's ble

My only comment on this topic of Warm Spirit

I created my blog to have a place that I can post an update of the things going on with me and document my continuing journey particularly with Soul Purpose. If you look at my postings you will notice that I do not comment negatively about anyone or any organization but I speak the truth as it relates to me. I have tried and maybe it is was foolish not to speak about Warm Spirit ; because the pain is still there for me but I know that what ever I may say can easily be misconstrued and twisted. So speaking about Warm Spirit can be a dangerous thing. My feelings about my ex business partner and the lack of integrity he displayed in between him and I is not a fight for the general public. I have read however, some comments from a few Warm Spirit consultants, that have finally even through their negativity, shined some light as to why people continued on with Warm Spirit even after I left. I want to take a moment to clear up any misconceptions and then close the book on this discussion; f

One step closer to your Soul Purpose!

In 2008, I committed to gratitude and 2009 my theme will be change and hope. 2009 has been shaping up quite nicely. I am struggling to get to the gym but hopeful that I can get in a rhythm soon. My hope is to continue my journey of self improvement and good health practices in this New Year. Making better foof choices is also on the list, but I'm hopeful. :) 2009 is also shaping up nicely for Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company, we have new product announcements, a new enhanced compensation plan, a cruise to the Meditarraean in March and a conference in Las Vegas. Our community is taking shape quite nicely and I am grateful for our accomplishments thus far. This month my story has been featured in the January 2009 article of Sister2Sister magazine and the responses have been awesome. I am grateful to Jaime Foster Brown and her team at S2S. This weekend I will be traveling to New York to speak at a Soul Purpose event at the Ripley Studio in New York. I look forward to a wondeful after

A New Year and a New Opportunity

Happy New Year to everyone, I am filled with overwhelming feelings of hope for this New Year. My prayer is that I will and you will feel hope, joy, peace and prosperity in our lives this year. The world is pregnant with feelings of hope with our new president and we are all hoping for relief from a very draining past 12 months. This year began with close friends and family, lots of rest, great food and wine and a celebration of the good things in our lives that I am grateful for. My daughter had a difficult transition back to school this term and it was very painful and draining driving her back. I had to keep telling myself that parenting is not easy and if I can hang in there with this, the reward will be great. Boy it was not easy. I wish everyone all the best as you embark upon the New Year and I wish you peace and clam when you need it and joy in those un-expected moments. Much love, Nadine