One door closes and another opens!

On Thursday night I had a wonderful experience in New York City. My friend Terrie Williams hosted a program at the Symphony Space regarding depression in the black community based around her book Black Pain. It was a phenomenal event and the outpouring of emotions and testimonies were life changing. It was an evening to remember.
On the way home from the airport yesterday I received a call from a dear friend telling me that Warm Spirit had closed its doors. I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. I felt a myriad of emotions from sadness to relief to tragedy to loss to relief again. It has been a tremendous last 12 years of my life, building upon a dream and a vision of empowerment. I believed that the dream was possible and I worked tirelessly and sacrificed so much to make it a reality. In 2006/2007 we were at the top of our game and poised for greatness. Even though my journey as the leader of Warm Spirit ended I privately had hoped that God would preserve my legacy and the dreams of so many of many sisters and brothers. Through a lot of prayer, meditation, though and insight I was blessed with the opportunity to create Soul Purpose. Ironically I am continuing on with my own calling; with my "soul purpose in life".
I am so sorry about the end of Warm Spirit and most of all I am disappointed on behalf of all of the individuals who signed up for a reason and for a purpose. I am sad for all of those who believed and felt that this was an opportunity to make a change in their lives. I am sorry for all of those who invested their time, their money and their resources and were disappointed yesterday. This is tragic and a blow to the industry and I hope that people will continue on in pursuit of their dreams, their compelling vision and their purpose. If you are part of the Warm Spirit community and looking for a home and a place to continue the entrepreneurial journey please know that Soul Purpose welcomes you with open arms. We are continuing on without malice or bad feelings just an honest desire to change our lives and circumstances. I believe that when God closes one door he opens another.
with much love,


I glad you were part of a wonderful and powerful event. Before I opened my own shop I always bought from warm spirit. I still have the catalogs. I was wondering, Why did warm spirit close? So many of my friends were reps and enjoyed it.
Anonymous said…
Hi Nadine, I am so angry and disappointed on so many levels right now I can't even begin to explain although, I will attempt. I was informed about the blog just today explaining your leaving Warm Spirit, etc.. I made a decision to stay with Warm Spirit because of the extremely limited almost no information shared with the community. I always remained in prayer and felt like something wasn't right however I pressed on knowing that the truth would come out somehow. Hearing your story briefly (I will not stay in this space) takes me back the challenging decision I made to stay. I thank you for your honesty, compassion and welcome to come over to Soul Purpose and I will be in prayer about it since I have already received a call. I will go make peace with my yet resurfaced anger and dissappointment knowing divine order in always in place.
Anonymous said…
Nadine, I know that you have wept and you weep still. Thank you for your loving Heart, it is boundless in its' capacity to Love.
"...I will step into the water. Submerge all that I know how to say, for risk to say it better in this new place I do not know"
Ruth Foreman
For all who are willing, Welcome to Soul Purpose.
Be Well, Bev Woods
Sharon McElroy said…
Well Lady Nadine the closing was a shock to us all. I know you will keep your head held high and continue to be the wonderful person you are. True to form you have remained above the fray. Your grace in this whole situation has been stellar. I'm reminded of the story where the mule fell down the well and the farmer couldn't get the mule out. The farmer began shoveling in dirt to bury the mule. When the dirt began falling down on the mule, he shook it off and stepped up. He kept shaking off the dirt and stepping up until he was able to climb out of the well on his own. I'm please to be a part of this organization. From this day forward I will be working to put my town on the map!
Nadine said…
Hi Sharon,
Thank you! I love these "Well" analogies, they're great. another Warm Spirit consultant wrote to me about the scriptures of digging another well, it was very inspirational. You can read it on under testimonies.
Thank you for your thoughtful and supportive response. I am really trying to keep my head up, stay focused and remind myself that this is God's Will.
Much love to you,
Anonymous said…
In God's infinite wisdom, Nadine, he opened anothor door for you and many of us on August 23, 2007. And just as any great leader does, you went ahead and prepared another home where we could have a soft landing, survive and, more importantly, thrive.

My heart, too, breaks for those who invested themselves in building their Warm Spirit businesses. My mind races with the many faces of those we've trained and helped develop. To each of you, I encourage (just as I began encouraging my friend Nadine on 8/23/07), do not be weary of the loss...for the skills and knowledge, the renewing of your wellbeing, the birth of your entrepreneurial spirit is the blessing you were intended to receive during the Warm Spirit chapter of your life. Now we can all press forward and continue for our destiny sitll beckons us.

For me, this journey has never been about a specific company but about the people and the lives and uplifting individual spirits which are so precious.

I join Nadine and Bev Woods in their open arms welcome to anyone who would like the next phase of their journey to include Soul Purpose. After all, it was founded by the same heart, vision and compassionate spirit that inspired us all in the first place.

As I served Warm Spirit, I now serve the Soul Purpose community corporately as as a leader and wish you all well!
Anonymous said…
I am so sad I missed you while you were in New York. Lots of love to you & Rev.
Anonymous said…
In my daily devotional the other day, I read, "With respect to the promise of God, he did not waver in unbelief, but grew strong in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully assured that what He had promised, He was able also to perform." Romans 4:20-21.

It amazes me how God will keep His promises to us no matter what. As you stated, you felt and continue to feel a myriad of feelings in regards to your door closing with Warm Spirit. No matter what, rest assured that He will keep His promise, which is now being fulfilled with Soul Purpose. Carry on in assurance.

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