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Dear Beloveds, Mother’s Day is a very special day with a universal understanding all over the world. The role of mother and matriach is an honored one the world over and those of us who are blessed to have been a mother either biologically or emotionally can testify to its significance. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone in our community a very Happy Mother’s Day. My hope for you is that today will be a day of joy for you as we all celebrate our mothers and the women and men in our lives who have played a motherly role in our development. This is also a day to celebrate the maternal roles that we have blessed to play in other people’s lives, it is truly a blessing. Today, I am in Grenada with my mother caring for her after her brain surgery a week ago. She is recuperating well and we will be meeting with her surgeon for the first time after her surgery tomorrow morning to learn her prognosis. I am grateful for her recovery thus far and extremely grateful for your praye