Broken Open...Looking at your life through a lense of gratitude.

I was watching Oprah today while working quietly on my lap top. It has been a great show full of great information about sacred and spiritual journeys. I am overwhelmed with feelings and emotions after watching the show today, it was a gift from God.
Here are a few things that I took from the show today and I would love to share with you. if you are in a different time zone and have a moment to watch today's episode, I encourage you to curl up with a cup of tea and watch it.
I am so grateful to all of those individuals who responded to my blog entries in the past few days. I have wept silently with gratitude. Please keep sharing your stories with me and with this community. It is so uplifting!!!!
Here are my notes from the show today. I plan to write some more entries on some of these themes but for now, I just want to share and be grateful. Please excuse the typos. I was typing quickly and trying catch everything.
  1. Spirituality is the essence of everything.
  2. It is important to grieve your losses. Otherwise you just cover it over with a scar and thet pain and grief festers inside.
  3. Grief can/will trigger a spiritual awakening if you are open to it and open to truly experiencing the pain and resultant growth.
  4. Hospice care can be extraordinarily helpful for people who have lost a love one.
  5. The spiritual path is using your self in service.
  6. when you have experienced a dark night and you have been helped by someone else in the midst of it. The you have a genuine authentic desire to give back. That is a blessing.
  7. When service comes from that open, honest vulnerable heart there is nothing else like it.
  8. Being still helps you to tap into your best self.
  9. spirituality has to be practiced.
  10. Stop, take a breath and be still in side. Meditation and contemplation.
  11. In seeking a spiritual path do one of 3 things; Be in nature; connect with the arts; connect with ritual
  12. It is in moments of serenity and stillness that we experience some much larger, transcendent, cosmic than we are.
  13. Meditation can be key; Carve out one minute a day and go into the stillness. Increase it by a minute a month. This gives you an opportunity to listen to your inner voice, your intuition and guidance on how to make decisions.
  14. Breathe.
  15. Look for the message in every problem. Problems come our way.
  16. Instead of fighting them ask them, "what are you here to teach me, what's your message".
  17. The world is rich with messages if you approach problems as your friend.
  18. Find like minded friends who are sharing your spiritual path because sharing your spiritual path helps.
  19. The bible says where 2 or 3 are gathered "I am there". Find friends and support, this helps.
  20. Pay attention to your life; it is speaking to you all the time.
  21. Each of us are powerful energy fields/ forces, drawing into our lives what we need to grow ourselves up and out and closer to spirit.
  22. There is nothing happening out of order with you. Everything is there, every experience you has a message for growth. pay attention to your life, it is speaking to you.
  23. Get clear and still, your soul is full and has so much to teach you, this will help you tap into your best life.
  24. Everyone has the ability to be spiritual to be well authentic beings. When they they wake up they wake to the ir soul and have the opportunity to bump into love, compassion, beauty, real peace and real joy. That begins to be where they live their lives from.
  25. Real authentic beings, that have a tremendous amount of meaning in their lives.
  26. You begin to notice what you have in life that you are grateful for. When you begin to look at life through a lense of gratitude you don't see as many obstacles, hinderances or challenges, you begin to see opportunity, possiblities, potential. You become more open.
  27. You become an open vehicle for more inspiration, wisdom and guidance coming from the spiritual part of your being.
  28. Through spirituality individuals are waking up to a dimension of their being or their soul.
  29. Looking at life through the lense of gratitude is key to our perspective.

With much love and gratitude,



Hello, I have tried to email you and it seems to kick back is there an email address that i can send an email to you. I am a new LE with Soul Purpose and i have a few things that i would like to share with you. Love Toni
April Robinson said…
“KEEP BUILDING” Soul Purpose partners!

Can you remember how you felt on New Year Day? And for a few days or a few weeks things were going so well, your Soul Purpose business was pressing forward, spirits were high and then someone or something threw a monkey wrench into the gear box! As I was in the book of Nehemiah this morning; Chapter 6 gives a perfect lesson what we should and must do when our gear box is being tampered with. The lesson is…. “Keep Building”. Chapter 6 tells us that Nehemiah was putting the finishing touches on the wall when the opposition came. The purpose of this particular opposition was to get Nehemiah’s mind off the work and then physically remove him from his job site, but that didn’t work, the enemy tried to use slander, gossip and lies to have Nehemiah act irrational. But Nehemiah recognized the lies and asked God, strengthen his hands v.9. Then the enemy tries to use fear and discouragement to discredit him, but that did not work either because Nehemiah knew God’s purpose on his life. So the wall was finished and Mission accomplished!
So my message to the Soul Purpose Community “keep building”-Keep building your Soul Purpose business when opposition come, Keep building your Soul Purpose Business when the lies/deception slip into your mind such as “I can not work this business, I don’t have the time, this is not going to work”. Keep building your Soul Purpose Business because God will strengthen your hands to prosper. Keep building your Soul Purpose business when others try to discredit you or move you out your blessing by using fear and discouragement. KEEP BUILDING! What can seem to be a burden or impossible in the heart of man-God is more than able to make your Soul Purpose become a reality. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Love you All,
Keep Building your Soul Purpose Business!

April Robinson
Spirituality Coach
Angie Melecio said…
First they ignore you...
...then they laugh at you...
...then they fight you...
...then you win.

~Mohandas Gandhi

Ohhhhhhh don't ya just *LOVE* it when life unfolds the way we all know in our hearts it should!!!

God will NOT be mocked.... BAM!
Kay said…
I just want to say to Nadine that you give me hope and strength to keep pressing on even when things look bleak blessings are awaiting for us even in our darkest moments we just have to have faith to believe in them and courage to press on.
Lapoluxury1 said…
Peggy Riggins said in one of her many golden nugget moments..."if you just have the faith of a mustard seed and work this business the same way you would work to find the money for a cure for your ailing/dying baby, this business will unfold for you in ways you couldn't begin to imagine..." I believe that so wholeheartedly but I'm coming to see more and more everyday how hard it is to continue to have faith when obstacles keep getting in my path. Having the access to this awesome community you have created makes me so grateful and so full of hope that I have no choice but to forge ahead and like April Robinson said, "KEEP BUILDING".

With much love and gratitude,
R. Alexander

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