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A message from the president of Direct Selling Live. Hi Community, The wait is finally over. DirectSellingLive announces its 1st Annual Women of Power - The POWER 30. The list of the 30 Most Powerful, Most Influential People In Direct Selling. When you visit the Women of Power - The POWER 30 page you will be be able to watch the Women of Power video, view the Women of Power photo album with links to the honorees web pages and down load the commemorative 12 page eBook with descriptions of the 30 women on the POWER 30. For over 100 years Network Marketing/Direct Selling has touched the lives of 100’s of millions of people around the world through the sale of products and services, offering a way for individuals to better their lives financially through global business partnerships. During that time 10’s of millions of distributors have come and gone and the majority of those distributors have been women. Even today almost 80% of all distributors are women. The direct selling industry,
Dear Soul Purpose community, It is with tremendous pride, joy, enthusiasm and honor that I share this terrific news with each of you this evening. Although I am beaming with pride it is really a tribute to the power of the vision of Soul Purpose. A vision that the most seasoned professionals, those whose responsibility it is to recognize potential and professional integrity recognize. Let us take care now to make sure that we recognize and embrace it as well. In this season of thanksgiving let us show our gratitude by manifesting the power of this potential. Soul Purpose entrepreneurs, in less than 2 years we making headlines, we are being recognized for our potential. Let’s share these products and share this empowering opportunity, we are indeed the ones we’ve been waiting for. Much love, Nadine Thompson Founder and CEO Soul Purpose Lifestyle company PS I would like to end by quoting my husband, “it’s a good month to be Nadine”.
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