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Yeah for SlumDog!!!!!!!! The journey continues....

I absolutely love the movie Slum Dog millionaire, it is probably in my top 3 movies ever, I love it. The movie moves me on so many levels, I identify with the characters, the culture but most important the underdog. I am such a believer in God's Will and God's ability to align the Universe to bring you what you need when you need it. You just need to be able to recognize and seize the opportunities when they arise. This movie is soooo much about that. It is about resilience, passion, love, innocence, courage, tenacity, ambition, truth, and the fact that confidence in oneself and a commitment to truth often wins out in he end. I love it!!!!!!! There is a point near the end of the movie when the host of the show tries to trick Jamal into selecting the wrong answer, he is jealous of Jamal's success and popularity, he is baffled by this slum dog's ability to answer the questions and actually makes his life hell rather than lifting him up and supporting him. I felt an ache i

Crisis and Opportunity

Last week I had the tremendous honor of attending the Black Enterprise Magazine Women of Power Summit in Orlando; it was FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! The workshops were perfect in that they addressed current issues affecting African American women today: economic issues, finances, career, and most important redefining yourself in these difficult financial times. I had the honor of participating in many ways, I did a panel discussion, a few radio interviews and filmed an episode of The Black Enterprise Business Report on redefining ones-self in difficult times. My panel was very cathartic because it gave me a chance to talk about my experiences of the last 18 months. It was called surviving the "F" bomb, recovering from a failure. We were able to talk about achieving success and then having a set back. How do you deal and cope and bounce back. Some of the key points was to view failure as an event in your life not a definition of your person; to not internalize it but view it and learn

Las Vegas

I have been on the road travelling for work and working very hard. I am tired and exhausted and to some extent a little scared of being tired. Las Veas was awaesome, it was a tremendous celebration of one year in business for Soul Purpose. My God we are so blessed and we have so much to be grateful for. The event at Youngevity exceeded all of my expectations, that community of Younevity distributors were the kindest, most welcoming group of people that I have ever encountered and I felt that our partenership had been blessed. Our Soul Purpose entrepreneurs were a site to behold and beautiful in everyway possible. They were enthusiastic, beaming, passionate, energetic and a shining example of what this industry is all about. I was so proud to be Nadine and be a part of Soul Purpose. I was happy and optimistic and feeling good about the future. I don't want to analyze it or say much more but I was so proud and grateful for the blessing of Soul Purpose. With much love, Nadine


To be a leader takes incredible courage, I really believe it is an annointing or a calling. some of us are born to follow and that is fine, some of us are servant leaders which is a humble calling and an extraordinary challenge and some of us are called to lead and that can be rewarding but isolating and lonely at times. Surround yourself with people who you can trust whether you are following or leading. I pray that you find your purpose. I read something today that was truly inspiring to me. I am thinking and reflecting on it but it is in line with my favorite poem/prayer. The Hopi Indian prayer called We are the ones we've been waiting for. This is the last stanza of a poem written by the late June Jordan. sing sweetly and quietly, listen to the voice inside you. Lead on because you are ONE you've been waiting for. much love, Nadine June Jordan (1939 -2002 ) African-American poet Source: poem for South African women by June Jordan (last stanzas) And who will join this standi

Audacity on Sunday Morning!

I have been away from my blogs for a little while. I must say sometimes a little shy about wearing my heart on my sleeve or sharing what I am really feeling for fear of that someone will take offense and right something nasty that will hurt and make a sensitive issue more painful than it needs to be. Oh Boy!!!! I don't know if I ever mentioned that I love Sunday mornings! Two of my favorite shows also happen on Sunday; 60 Minutes and Sunday Morning on CBS. Of course I am up and watching Sunday morning and feeling very happy and contented. My puppy Louie is laying right beside me looking content, loved and loving. Pets are a blessing. This morning however, I woke up and found the words to describe some very complex thoughts and feelings that I have been feeling forthe last 2 weeks. In the last 15 months, I lost my company that I built from my basement for the past 12 years and I lost my good friend and business partner in the process as well. It has been privately painful and more c