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Praise God for the victory!!!!!!!

Earlier today a dear friend spoke with me about my mood and what I heard was we love you very much we know this is a painful journey but we need you to put all of the negative stuff behind you. Yup, she is absolutely right and tonight my friends is a new day. Warm Spirit is behind me, the past is behind me, I am moving on with faith and courage. Okay now for the good stuff. Today is a phenomenal day in the history of Soul Purpose, tonight we hit consultant #500. Five hundred converted visionaries in one week, history in the making. Let me explain the magnitude of what this means, it takes approximately one year for the average company to achieve 5 00 signed people, we did it 1 week. five hundred consultants and 3000 visionaries. WOW!!!! Okay, I am happy, I am grateful, I am victorious. We are victorious together and if this is nothing else it is a testimony to what is possible and a reminder of the greatness and empowerment that lives in each of us. more to come i need to get on the c