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Soul Purpose Lifestyle E-Catalog Spring 2012 - Feb Soul Purpose
It feels great to be back at home in Exeter with my husband, the kids and the pets! South Africa and Black Enterprise were amazing and there is so much to do and follow up on; I am excited. We are making tremendous strides with soul Purpose and the line up of new products for 2012 are in production and looking fabulous; I believe this will be our year to turn the corner with great things and prosperity are in store. Let'spread the word about our awesome company.
something to ponder: It is not about the TIME; it is the moment that matters. Enjoy the moment, love Nadine.
Working on my speech and getting ready to speak at the Dept of justice in Washington DC on Wednesday. I am so honored and really excited but a little nervous. Thanks Henry and Stacey for your help and talking it through, you're the best friends on the planet.
I am so excited today it was great being in Orlando and wonderful to be back at home. I do not share my Warm Spirit to Soul purpose story often but had the opportunity to talk about it today. I had the pleasure of being interviewed on The Heart of a Woman radio talk show by Lorraine Harrell. Would love for you to listen to it. Much love and have a great day!

What a week!!!!!!!!!!

This has been a trying week. I believe that what I have come to know as one of my strengths which is resilience has really been put to the test. I seem to have had to dig down deep for patience in the midst of everything. I realize that faith, patience, forward focus and resilience go hand in hand. Praying and hoping for a good weekend, Nadine