A New Year and a New Opportunity

Happy New Year to everyone,
I am filled with overwhelming feelings of hope for this New Year. My prayer is that I will and you will feel hope, joy, peace and prosperity in our lives this year. The world is pregnant with feelings of hope with our new president and we are all hoping for relief from a very draining past 12 months.
This year began with close friends and family, lots of rest, great food and wine and a celebration of the good things in our lives that I am grateful for.
My daughter had a difficult transition back to school this term and it was very painful and draining driving her back. I had to keep telling myself that parenting is not easy and if I can hang in there with this, the reward will be great. Boy it was not easy.
I wish everyone all the best as you embark upon the New Year and I wish you peace and clam when you need it and joy in those un-expected moments.
Much love,


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