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Welcome to my website, to my story and to what I hope will be our conversation. I have been a counselor, a coach, and an entrepreneur and what I know is come to realize that a healthy, loving community--even one that begins on-line-- can sustain individuals and support them on their journey to empowerment. My thought is that much can be accomplished if we just take the time to listen to one another and that healing often occurs during the quiet reflection that occurs both during and after conversation. Telling your authentic story, I believe, is an empowering experience and the story can be told either through the spoken or written word. At Nadine I do two things: tell my story (so you know who I am and you can see what we have in common and what interests you) and begin to create an on-line community in which everyone who wants to, can participate. Please feel free to sign up for my email list; sign the guest book and participate on my blog if you wish. This can be our co