Soul Purpose is soarng!!!!

This is an awesome time for the Soul Purpose Community!
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every one of you for an amazing February 2009. We doubled our sales over January and had an extraordinary month, with great recruiting numbers and title promotions. I just received the final numbers today and they are tremendous. We could not have asked for better.I also received an early report on the promotions of our new Diamond Executives and our newest Double Diamond. Yes, we have a new Double Diamond Executive: Ms. Angelia Williams from Dallas TX!
This is a preliminary list, but I am so excited I wanted to share the good news with the entire community.
Congratulations to our newest shining stars:
Our new Double Diamond Executive:·
Angelia Williams
Our new Diamond Executives:·
Armetria Charles· Lisa Harper· Brandy Israel · Sarah Israel · Kenyatta Johnson· Salimisha Logan· Kimberly McCormick Jones· April Robinson· Joan Sherwood
There’s more!!!A Million Dollar March!
In less than a year of sales of the Soul Purpose product line (which included a strategic phased in launch of products over the last 10 months), we are less than $20k away from selling $1 million dollars worth of Soul Purpose products! YES!!!!!! We are $20K away from our first million dollars in sales, in less than 1 year! We have been blessed as a community. Who would have thought we would have our first Million Dollar March before we achieved a full 12 months of sales? My goal is that by March 2010 we will achieve 1 million dollars per month in sales and celebrate a different type of Million Dollar March.We have been steady and consistent in our growth - a hopeful indication of things to come. Consistency is the key to success in this industry. I want to encourage everyone to stay positive, stay focused, stay determined and stay on purpose.Finally, we would not be accomplishing what we have without the leadership of our Diamond Executives. We must continue to honor those entrepreneurs who have been leading the way in the Soul Purpose Community. They continue to motivate and inspire all of us!
Double Diamond Executives
1. Antonia Coleman Brown2. Tara EllerbeDiamond Executives3. Anita Barnes4. Cynthia Barnum5. Terri Jackson Carson6. Cheryl Cormier7. Tanya Fussell8. Josi Hopkins9. Peggy Riggins10. Pamela Robinson11. Tanya Walters12. Chiezda Washington13. Angelia Williams14. Shaune Williams

Congratulations to all of you!!!!!!We are an amazing community with an amazing future ahead of us. These results and what we are currently experiencing is nothing short of extraordinary. With a country in the midst of a recession the Soul Purpose Community is demonstrating what hard work, focus, determination and living a “life of purpose” can accomplish.
Bravo and much love,
Nadine Abraham Thompson
Founder and CEO Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company


Anonymous said…
Yes we are on the move! We are in the water with you Nadine, March is going to be our Million Dollar Baby! Congrats to you and all that you do for our community. Love you much.

Shaune Williams #200930
Louisiana's First Diamond Exec Soul Purpose

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