Love of God, love of neighbor, love of self. thought for Sunday evening.

God is a merciful God. He loves each and everyone of us. God forgives; we see it is written over and over in Christian text and scripture.
Can it be that simple? Can it be really that simple, that if we can simply begin (and simple here is so ironic) with forgiving ourselves we then might feel worthy and then be healed and in turn deserving of the mercy, bounty and blessings that God and the universe has to offer?
Today, for some reason it became so crystal clear to me that most of our pathology, mental illness, dis-ease and depression stems from our inability to forgive our selves and our inability to turn over those things of which we have no control to a higher power.
If we are to live fully in this world and truly love our neighbor as we love ourselves, we first have to forgive our selves and then fully accept and love ourselves, flawed and all. Once we have accomplished this we can then forgive our neighbors and those we live in community with and for those whom we trouble forgiving we have to remember that God's will shall be done and therefore turn it over to him to deal with. this frees us up to love.
Believing that the journey isn't over until its over and in this life time there is an opportunity for healing, renewal and insight.
What a concept - we must forgive ourselves first and we can be forgiven as it has been promised and then freed up to live up to our life's purpose.


April Robinson said…
Establish a lifestyle of forgiveness and walk in your Soul Purpose!

Nadine, this is one of my favorite topics, “Forgiveness”. Forgiveness is a way of releasing ourselves from the pain we have experienced at the hands of others. It is a release from judgment, including our judgment of ourselves. Having done many workshops on forgiveness, I find that this deliberate, conscious act to walk in forgiveness towards others as well as ourselves will free us to live the life God has planned for us (Our Soul Purpose). God desires to heal our wounds. But we often do not let Him heal them because it is not the easiest road to take. Trails and tests locate a person. In other words, they determine where you are spiritually-true condition of your heart. Often God’s plan causes us to face hurts and attitudes we don’t want to face. But we run from that very thing that will bring strength to our lives. Refusing to deal with offense will not free you from the problem- it may give temporary relief-while the root of problem remains untouched. Yes, it is often harder to forgive ourselves then to forgive others. But what we must focus on is that God has forgiven us, “As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.” Psalms 103:12. Matter of fact - God Himself doesn't even want to remember our sins "I – yes, I alone – am the one who blots out your sins for my own sake and will never think of them again” Isaiah 43:25NLT, so why should we? Are we smarter then God to remember something He chooses to forget?

Have you tried forgiveness today?

Much Love
April Robinson
Spirituality Coach
Anonymous said…
Thanks, I really really really need to hear that, I have been struggling to love myself, so that I can love my neighbors and u said just right, Thanks again!

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