The journey continues in Baltimore...

This weekend I am blessed to continue my journey with Team Elite and many others of the Soul Purpose community in Baltimore MD. I am sitting at the back of the room preparing to leave for the airport and felt the need to share my thoughts and overwhelming feelings of gratitude that i feel in this moment. I have been working for the past 10 months on the birthing of Soul Purpose, it has been a tremendous journey and this weekend the work, the sacrifice, the pain and the joy have been affirmed. Antonio Adair one of the speakers today reminded me that the pain was the gift and Dora Chamgers reminded us that we must discipline our disappointment. Those words were affirming because it is in essence the definition of my journey, it has been about discipline, focus, resilience and recognizing the gifts that I have been blessed with.
today being in the midst of 80 plus beautiful women and men who came to learn more about Soul Purpose as well as to embark on this journey together. The testimonies were awesome for example the sisters who drove non-stop from Cincinnatti Ohio to be here, one of them a mother of nine beautiful children. Another sister could not really afford to attend but emptied her bank account to pay the registration fee because she saw it as an investment in herself and her future. The most powerful testimony was that of a sister who traveled with her husband and 3 children, they drove for over 30 hours from Houston Texas to attend the business school. What is most significant thing about this sister's journey is that she is wheelchair bound. I wept and was humbled in her presence; 30 hours in a wheelchair with her entire family!!!!!
The lesson learned is that no distance is too far or journey too long if you are determined to be successful!
This weekend has changed my life and it has re-affirmed my committment to Soul Purpose. These were some of the most admirable, beautiful, committed, lovely and passionate entrepreneurs/people that I have ever met.
Ms. Dora Chambers reminded us of the need for balance in my life and some of the important life lessons for me and my family. Reminding the children that: there is no lack of limitation in your life, you can have what ever you want. It depends upon your hard work and determination.
The Soul Purpose journey has begun and I am honored to be in the water with each and everyone of you. We are the ones we've been waiting for.
Much love,


Stacey J. said…
This weekend was a great inspiration to me. To be in the presence of Nadine Thompson alone and to see how much she cares, how passionate, and how humble she is made me do a self check. Thank you Nadine for digging another well. We were truly feed with great knowledge this weekend. In addition to Lady Nadine's overview of what's to come in the near future for Soul Purpose (products and technology), Antonio Adair and Dora Chambers laid down the foundation to the road to our success. They gave us the seed, now it is up to us to plant the seed and reap the harvest. The "Why" I started in this business will be my motivation. I believe that we all are her to make a difference. As we learned, let us not be crabs,and tear down each other, but lift and build up one another. Thank you leaders (Tara and Toni) for your great efforts. See ya at the top!

Stacey Johnson #1340
Unknown said…
My heart is so full of love, admiration, respect and inspiration. It is not everyday that I have an opportunity to meet, greet, hug, and learn from a pioneer in the Direct Selling/Network Marketing Industry - Lady Nadine! It is not everyday that you meet individuals that exude love, gentleness, and strength. I learned so much today from in- depth product knowledge to mastering key skills in order to achieve success from Antonio Adair and Dora Chambers. I am so thankful and humbled to be apart of Soul Purpose Business Opportunity because I know without a shadow of a doubt that God hand, grace, favor, and anointing is covering this company. Thank you Lady Nadine and the rest of the Soul Purpose Entrepreneurs, and Team!
rdeemed70 said…
Wow.... Yesterday was a defining moment for me. It is now clear for me. This company is truly anointed by God. The right people, in the right place at the right time. It was awesome to see Lady Nadine again. It was awesome to see her happy. It was awesome to see her living out her soul purpose. I remember dialoging with you, Lady Nadine, on Oomph last year. You were hurting so much. To see how you have been rewarded for your pain is an inspiration. I don't know if you remember, but I am an AME preacher in seminary. You are so anointed... so gifted and so blessed.
This company is so special. I can't explain it, but it is like nothing else, and I am so proud to be a part of this movement. This is a new dispensation. Forgetting what is behind, I press... That's what we are doing...Pressing. God has so much in store for all of us... May God continue to bless you and keep you and your family... Love you!
Moya #200212
Latonya Savage said…
I was truly blessed this weekend to be in the mist of greatness. Nadine Thompson brings tears to my eyes , not because of her struggle but because of the way she allows God to guide her footsteps. Inspite of the trials she has gone through she is still walking in her anointing. I believe that Soul Purpose is more than a business , it is her ministry. She has taught us that if you hold on to the master's hand while your going through the storm he will bring you out better than you were before you went in. I can not wait to see how God blesses this endeavor. I believe that Soul Purpose will be greater than any of us realize. Thank you Nadine for being an example of faith and determination. For holding on even when you were hurting. Thank you for walking in your gift and birthing these amazing products and this great organization. I have a youth group called The Y.E.S. Club ( young, educated sisters) and I want to also thank you for being another beautiful, strong, humble sister that I can hold up to them and say "There is no secret what God can do, what he's done for others he can do for you!"
Love, Peace and Blessings
Latonya Savage
It is on and poppin'!!! Business School this weekend was off the chain! Everything just felt right. I love the fact that Nadine is going to give all the new Diamond Executives "Cognac Diamonds". I felt honored to be one of the first to receive mine. I feel blessed to be connected to Africa by having these special jewels. I am in love with the new websites (myweb) that Nadine has for us and all of the ecards are off the chain!!!! I had a chance to smell the new skin care line and it is extra special.
Listen up, we had real millionaire network marketers at the event, with Dora Chambers and Antonio Adair with 30,000 and 60,000 team members respectively, they showed us how to do what they did. We were truly blessed and I am so glad that I decided to join Soul Purpose. It was the best decision that I ever could have made.
Nadine has created the best for us and now it's time for us to deliver the best for her. Nadine I am so glad that I followed my mind and my heart and decided to join you. You are bad to the bone and have proven to the world what you're made of. And with our sales already soaring at six figures each month, we're destined for seven figures each month and I am going to do all that I can under the direction of Dora and Antonio and you and Cheryl to make that happen.

We are going to discipline our disappointments and soar like eagles.

Let's go get 'em!
Anonymous said…
The Team Elite Business School this weekend was nothing short of glorious! Thank you Nadine for creating a wonderful company and beautiful extraordinary products. It was a pleasure meeting you in person and being able to witness your vision first hand. The guest speakers at this weekend's training were nothing short of an inspiration to me. Thank you Dora and Antonio for spending your time with us and giving away all that knowledge! I am so motivated to do all that I can to assist with taking Soul Purpose to the top! I am also very thankful for the leadership of Tara and Toni. Thank you so much Tara for telling me about Soul Purpose. The women I met this weekend were beautiful, energetic, and full of passion for life. We have all the right tools in place to be successful in this business. We have the right state of mind, will, and leaders. Let's take advantage of this fantastic opportunity! See you all at the top!
jordyn said…
Nadine, thank you for sharing a deeper insight into some of the events that took place at business school. It sounded wonderful. Tonight, I took my headset to the hospital to listen to Toni Coleman-Brown's "Success Mastery Call" while I relieved my daughter who is recovering from preclampsia and delivered my first grandchild 1 month early. While sleeping at the hospital myself and assisting with the delivery, I was constantly on the phone and praying for my son who had to be airlifted from Bagdad, Iraq due to an ongoing fever that has subsided though it hasn't been eradicated. Not to mention, I had to also tend to my husband who has atrophy in both legs and is wheel chair bound. As I sat rocking my preemie granddaughter and listening to Toni's call, it became apparent that the events of Business School was the topic. Calmness came over me as I reminded myself that business school was this weekend. I also reminded myself that everything happens for a reason. If it were meant for me to have been there then I would have been there. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing the info.
A special thank you to Lady Nadine Thompson for your graceful, humble, & peace filled spirit, it is such a blessing to dwell together in unity. I am a mother of 9 and I have to thank you for paving the way for us and being obedient to your calling. Thank you for your tenacity, your perserverence to not give up despite what you had been through, you are an inspiration to many. May all of your days be filled with love,peace, and prosperity in all things! Thank you Toni and Tara for your realness to speak it though it already was. It's time to shine, shine, shine!! Many of blessings to you all!

Brandy Israel
Anonymous said…
W.O.W. I want to thank everyone involved with putting "The Event" together called Business School. I was in absolute bliss being surrounded by some many of us that were making things happen. We've not only made a commitment to making change in our own personal lives, but have commited whole heartedly to uplifting and supporting Lady Nadine. We are truly the ones we've been waiting for. When Antonio said to ABT, ABL and ABC, if you don't know what those acronyms mean, you should not miss another business school. It is serious training for personal and business development. I've been blessed to have a wonderful sponsor, Mrs. Toni Coleman-Brown and on our previous journey together, she thought "enough of me" to call and invite me to Soul Purpose. I have not taken that lightly.

As Eagles, we will soar high and put Soul Purpose on the Global Map. I will leave you with a quote from Antonio Adair, "Pour your purse into your mind and your mind will pour into your purse".

Are you participating in your own rescue? If your answer is NO, then what are you prepared to do about it!!! With love and respect to all that have embarked upon this journey, C. Washington #155
Unknown said…
This weekend was very humbling for me. For me seeing Nadine and being apart of Soul Purpose has come full circle in my life. The absolute detail that Nadine puts into creating the products was awesome. The connection of the men and women of Team Elite was awe inspiring. Antonio Adair and Dora Chambers focused our minds, made us laugh and made us cry. As Dora mentioned, we have no idea how history making it was to be in that room. Years from now people will write our history and talk about the 60 people in that room that came for one purpose and that was to identify their Soul Purpose. To my sponsor Toni Coleman Brown and fearless no nonsense Tara Elerbee, you have no choice but to respect these women because they lead us every day in Team Elite. WE don't have individual team names because that causes division and we speak one voice and we work our system to elevate our selves and change the lives of not only ourselves but the lives of those who experience Soul Purpose. Nadine mentioned how the name came to be and when you understand that Soul Purpose is much more than a name, much more then the products she creates, but it is an evolution of change that will spand over domestic and international waters!!

The authenticity of those in the room was real! There was no jealousy or envy in the room, but we all came together for one purpose and that is to really really take hold of this awesome opportunity to change your life.

We at Team Elite have raised the bar of standard and if you don't know then ask somebody!!

Nadine's vision for this organization is powerful and we must get to work as fast as we can with all the seriousness of wanting to empower others to join us. Also knowing that not everyone is qualified because only those who are serious about changing their life will get on board.

All excuses are left at the door.

So I join in with my sista's and brothers in Team Elite as we continue to raise the standard.

Thank you Lady Nadine for your vision, for your determination, for your love, for you unwavering faith to dig another well!!!

God Bless You All!

Sonja A. Keeve#136
Anonymous said…
Wow..what a weekend. Thank you so much Nadine for making this all possible through Soul Purpose. I am so glad that you were there to remind us what being in your presence felt like. We oh so missed you very much! I know the others in the community who couldn't make it out are just chompn' at the bit to see you again. Your energy and spirit just illuminated through all of us and for that special gift that you always bring, we will never forget.

As for all of the members of Team Elite and the other women who were not a part of Team Elite, I just want to say thank you for being there to learn, share, cry and grow together...and boy did we grow.

The training from Antonio and Dora was right on point, right on time and off the charts!

We are armed and ready to conquer the world! This event felt more like a conference than a business school. I just loved being with all of you.

And to my girl TCB. You are the bomb!!! Thank you so much for being my friend and my business partner. We are the real T&T and "aint no stoppn' us now".

This weekend showed that we all have what it takes, so let's take what we have and be GREAT!! It's already written.

Much Love,
Anonymous said…
Nadine, it was an absolute honor and pleasure being in the room with you. It’s now 3 days after Business School has ended, yet I can’t stop thinking about the experience that I was so fortunate to be a part of. Your sweet, humble, kind and caring spirit shows each time you speak and is even obvious in your relationship with your daughter, Camilla. She even lights up the room and I know it’s because of what you (and your husband) have poured into her life. You really are an amazing woman! I thank God for you and your family! Because you dug another well and sacrificed so much for us, you will be greatly rewarded. I just can’t wait to see you walking in all of the things that you are dreaming of. Don’t stop dreaming! I also want to thank you for the sapphire I received by way of Tara. When I get my diamond, I will be passing the sapphire on to my daughter!

Now…I have pages and pages of notes, and I just keep going back through them so that I can reflect on the many memorable moments of the weekend. Dora Chambers and Antonio Adair are two phenomenal experts in the industry, and I am so very thankful that I had the opportunity to sit in their midst to receive all that they poured out for us. They didn’t have to choose to spend time with us for they have already achieved much of what we are seeking to achieve, but they did. In return for all they gave each of us should do nothing less than succeed!

Tara and Toni, you ladies really out did yourselves. I don’t know if you two realize how much of a perfect compliment you are to each other. Your leadership and unselfish commitment to Soul Purpose and Team Elite is second to none! Thank you for all that you do!

I am disciplining my disappointments and participating in my rescue. I will do what I have to do so that I can do what I want to do! (Paraphrased from Dora Chambers)

Michelle McIlwain
Visionary #2164
Manager, On the Road to Diamond
Anonymous said…
WooHoo! This past weekend was one of the most inspiring and life altering events that I have experienced! Mrs. Nadine you are so.... kind, sweet, amazing, beautiful,blessed, compassionate,giving, and so... knowledgable! I could truly go on forever because I truly appreciate all that you have done to dig another well and still be a wonderful leader and blessing to all of us! You are a phenomenal woman and I am so thankful to have met you! Thank you and keep up the great work! Your product knowledge and creating of the amazing scents is absolutely appreciated! Thhank You!
Anonymous said…
WooHoo! This past weekend was one of the most inspiring and life altering events that I have experienced! Mrs. Nadine you are so.... kind, sweet, amazing, beautiful,blessed, compassionate,giving, and so... knowledgable! I could truly go on forever because I truly appreciate all that you have done to dig another well and still be a wonderful leader and blessing to all of us! You are a phenomenal woman and I am so thankful to have met you! Thank you and keep up the great work! Your product knowledge and creating of the amazing scents is absolutely appreciated! Thhank You!
Anonymous said…
Wow...where do I begin! This past weekend at business school was more than I even expected. Nadine is the most generous person that I have ever met! Thank you Nadine for being YOU! The journey from Houston, TX to Baltimore, MD was well worth it. I can't even put into words the joy I felt and the love I felt when you presented me with the Saphire's. Not only for me but for my huisband and children....all I can say is wow! On behalf of my family, Lady Nadine, we THANK YOU!

A big thank you to Dora and Antonio for just taking the time from their schedules to pour into us. I tell you, my cup runneth over. When I made it back to my hotel room, all I could do was just fall straight to sleep and let all that wisdom and knowledge!

Toni and Tara, it was great to finally meet you ladies in person. Thanks for putting this together for us and making it happen.

To all the wonder sisters and brothers that I met this weekend, you all are beautiful, we all are destined for greatness. Let's apply what we learned and blow it up. As Dora said, applied knowledge is POWER!!!

DeNise Williams
VC #100
Houston, TX
UmmAminahHonest said…
It was a phenomenal weekend with Nadine and all of the other Soul Purpose IBO's. I was really inspired by being in the air of like minded people. We know that the products are second to none, we know that the leadership is the best ever and now we know that the training and education of this organization is PHENOMENAL! I got a vitamin B shot this weekend and I have been on fire ever since.

The most outstanding portion of this weekend was the key note address. I WILL NOT BE LEFT BEHIND, I will be at the top.

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