This is the time we've been waiting for!

Happy Sunday morning!
There is a lot to be grateful for today as we continue on this journey of Soul Purpose. I am grateful as well for the words of support and encouragement and I am motivated by those who share their eagerness to get started. I am pleased to share that we have indeed begun and we have done so in record time. Our online enrollment is ready to go and we are ready for the conversion of visionaries to full fledged consultants.
What is most phenomenal is that we started working on putting together Soul Purpose in December of 2007 and launched our vision in January of 2008. In 12 weeks we have built a website, developed the product line, crafted a business plan, etc, etc, etc. Twelve weeks and 3000 people who have committed to the vision. We are now ready to launch, to have our visionaries convert to becoming consultants and to begin selling products. This process for a traditional start-up direct sales company usually takes about 18 months. We are starting in record breaking time.
Imagine without collecting a dime from consultants we have gone from a beautiful vision to a full fledged company in 12 weeks. This is nothing short of a blessing and a testimony!

Interestingly enough I also feel personal pressure and anxiety to have started selling yesterday but to do all of this correctly especially with our technology and back office systems we can only move "so" quickly and our manufacturers can only manufacture products and print labels "so" fast.
I agree let's get started and continue to move along as quickly as possible; the time is here and now. Our goal is to have our first grouping of products available at your launch parties on April 12th and new products coming on line every month thereafter. I am pushing and working as hard as I can to do this as quickly as possible but also very mindful that only the best will do and wanting to provide to each of you the best that God has blessed me to offer and the best quality products and systems that you deserve.
My biggest concern and I must admit "fear" is rushing and then putting out products that are not as great as you expected and business systems with glitches. I must also admit that as a black woman I know that I will be harshly judged and criticized if what I produce is shaky and not of the best quality. My fear is that it will be said that I rushed and did a second rate job. I am mindful of my personal integrity and vision and aware that it is important I be respectful of these things as well.
Thank you for your confidence and believe it or not I am encouraged by a bit of impatience and challenged by your feedback to do my best because that is evidence of anticipation of great things to come.
Yes, this is the time to be prayerful for success as entrepreneurs and business people; let's move ahead to the prosperity that we all deserve.
Thank you and much love,


Anonymous said…
I love the idea of and name Soul Purpose.

I am a former Warm Spirit consultant. An AA woman being at the forefront of the business was a motivating factor for me. When that was gone, I too lost my desire. Suffice to say, I am glad to see that you are still moving forward with your visions and plans. Don't let fear replace what you already know to be true.

Blessings & Prosperity!
Anonymous said…
Greetings Lady Nadine and the Soul Purpose Family,

I am so thankful to God for the Soul Purpose opportunity. Upon receiving the Visionary Circle Conversion e-mail, I immediately completed and submitted my enrollment application. Now that I am officially a Soul Purpose Entrepreneur, I am compelled to conduct business with a Spirit of Excellence. I am honored to represent such a beautiful and extraordinary company. Lady Nadine, you always speak about how you’ve been inspired by Madam C. J. Walker. Well, I just want you to know that you inspire me as intensely as she has inspired you. My life has already been transformed by this remarkable movement. To God be the glory for all that He has done!

Grace and peace,

Anonymous said…
Greetings Nadine,

I was on the call tonight and your voice to me sounded much stronger and confident. I think your talents were being held back in Warm Spirit and now you are free to soar like an eagel and glide like a swan. This is our time!!! As it says in the Bible, the bottom rail will be raised to the top and we are rising sister, we are rising!!

Peace and blessings to you!
Nadine said…
Good evening my friends,
Thank you for your feedback and very kind words and encouragement. I gain so much strength from your words and it means more than you can imagine. for example Jewells words "Don't let fear replace what you know to be true". How wise and how profound, you are absolutely correct. LaRhonda I am motivated by your desire for excellence and honored to have you in this blessed community. And Nise you always make me weep thank you for the feedback and yes we will rise and soar together.
Much love,
Unknown said…
Dear Nadine and Soul Purpose Family,

I am a former member of the Warm Spirit corporate environment. While researching the company prior to my employment, I was told stories of it being a place of unity, support, future potential and growth. Unfortunately, I did not find this to be true. As the history and future of the company became clear to me, it was no longer a place I wanted to spend my future helping to develop.

The excitement, the energy, the word on the street was all about a new company called Soul Purpose. Hearing and reading of your mission and vision for Soul Purpose struck a chord deep inside me. I see in your dream a company that espouses all that is admirable in today’s competitive workplace. A company led by a spiritual woman, with a gracious heart, and tremendous and limitless vision, who will weave a path of success for those who join the Soul Purpose family. I find in you the capacity to create a compelling, over-arching vision that will take people to a new place. It is refreshing and comforting to find these ideals today.

When a leader such as yourself empathizes with those helping to develop your dream, it feels as though we are more than understood, we are known. There is no greater leader to inspire trust than one who can acknowledge our position and walk in our shoes.

I believe consultants will find Soul Purpose to be a place of integrity, a place to build their futures, a place of family and unending support for their aspirations. Soul Purpose promises to be a place where dreams are born and nurtured to fruition through your commitment to leading with compassion, support..

How many times in our lives do we find a business leader who is able to connect to our spiritually and leads with an uplifting message of … “empowerment in support of fulfilling individual purpose”….. Not nearly enough.

I am drawn to your determination to persevere despite obstacles thrown in your path by those afraid of your unstoppable dream, and undeniable power to succeed. Your magnetic intensity and commitment to your vision has drawn thousands into the fold and demonstrated that nothing can keep you down.

I am reminded of a quote by Norman Vincent Peale “Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven't half the strength you think they have.” This is something you have demonstrated admirably.

Many of us have become numb to scandal and corruption during our careers. To re-establish trust we need to support leaders who express a clear and compelling vision, who develop empathy, and who behave ethically. Trust blossoms when leaders exemplify:
• Constancy - they create no surprises. They maintain continuity and security.
• Congruity - they walk their talk. Their morality is found in their behavior.
• Reliability - they are there when it counts, ready to support their co-workers.
• Integrity - they are ethical. They honor their commitments and promises.
I believe you are such a leader and believe that the visionaries and consultants you have attracted are people who would rather follow individuals they can count on than those who can change at any time.

May your future be filled with great blessings and may you stay the course through any adversity thrown in your path.

Let me leave you with my favorite quote…”When you come to the end of all the light you know, and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: Either you will be given something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly “ Edward Teller.

God Bless Nadine

Julie Delgado
Anonymous said…
Wow....Julie, thanks for having the heart and the courage to post your message. The thing that got me with Warm Spirit, is how some of the NVP's or members of the Corporate team just turned a blind eye and deaf ear to what happened with how the whole thing went down w/Nadine. It was like nothing ever happened.

However, what was meant to be a bad thing gave birth, to this AMAZING company called Soul Purpose. Everything happens for a reason!!

May God continue to bless Nadine and her family!! May God bless us all who have the courage to stand for something.
Anonymous said…
That was an awesome message Julie!! I now just hope that all of the people who signed up to in the visionary circle will follow through and join!! We need to not only show up but show out and put our money where our mouth is!! Has anyone noticed that the WS site has changed? Looks like they are watching us closely and copying!! Now we have to get signed up and totally support Nadine in this venture!! I know she can do it again, and this time it will be better than ever.

To the visionary circle: Please make the conversion today!! We need to follow through with our commitment.

Anonymous said…

That is so true! Those visionaries that have not converted yet, you knew this day was coming. We need to put up or shut up!
Reneegede said…
I am also a former consultant with Warm Spirit who was inspired by Nadine. I just visited the website and went searching for Nadine because I wanted to read that story one more time and get inspired. I was about to rejoin. When she wasn't there, I went looking on google and was sadly disappointed to see that she was no longer there, which dropped my desire to rejoin "like a hot potato." I can't see it without Nadine, so I am going to roll on and do something else. Godspeed Nadine - You are Blessed and You Already Know It.

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