The gift of healing.

Good evening and Happy Easter my friends,

Easter is indeed a time of the celebration of resurrection, re-birth, renewal and The Good News. We have given birth Soul Purpose in this season of rebirth and renewal and the opportunity and potential is limitless. This is indeed Good News.

This has been a good day, my friend Natalie and her family drove up from New York to spend Easter with our family. It was a wonderful weekend and most importantly I felt comfortable enough to rest in her presence and just be myself. I did very little work this weekend but I feel like I had some tremendous breakthroughs. Let me explain, the truth is that ever since my termination from Warm Spirit and I have been very depressed and wrought with grief and anxiety. I have not been sleeping well, my anxiety level is high especially early in the mornings and the pain of the betrayal and racism and sexism has made it impossible to bear. My friends and family have been supportive and have helped me through the pain of loss. God has blessed me with a new vision and a new calling that has been more beautiful than I could possibly imagine; the birth of Soul Purpose has been beautiful beyond words. I am grateful and in awe of God's ability to forgive us and bless us. What fuels my work in the day time is the awareness of this blessing; I work on Soul Purpose with a commitment that is unwavering. The community's response to Soul Purpose has been another miracle and blessing. Twenty-five hundred women and men in 6 weeks is phenomenal and possibly a record for the industry.

Because this blog is about telling the truth; let me continue to do so. I have been so sad about the events that took place at Warm Spirit, the betrayal, the racism, the sexism, the denial and then the lawsuit; I have been in such shock that I have not cried. I have been sad but absolutely very few tears but no crying per say. I felt a shift when I was on the plane on my way to Toronto to see my parents. I sat in my seat and wept. I was so tired and so stressed, that the tears literally flew out of my eyes. I buried my hands in my eyes and wept. I wept again when I was leaving my parents home and I was sitting alone with my dad and he wept as I said good bye. I could not hold back the tears or the emotions. I thought uh-oh here we go, the door has been opened...

My healing had gone to another level.

Yesterday I was listening to the recordings that I did for soul purpose and when I heard my voice speaking with such sweet passion about the Soul Purpose project and brand, I could not hold back the tears. I thought uh-oh!!!!!!

Last night Natalie and I watched "Why Did I Get Married"; and there was the part lifted my story about getting kicked off the plane and the abuse of overweight women and then the joy of empowerment, I wept again. Oh No!!!!!!

Today I emailed my spiritual coach who is so wonderful and insightful and her response to my depression and anxiety made me teary, then I watched Akeelah and the Bee and could not stop crying through the entire movie and I knew it was game over. Then near the end of the movie Lawrence Fishburne who plays her coach in the movie recites the famous Marianne Williamson poem and the tears started seeping out. That poem although I have heard it and read the words so many times; today it hit me in a way and in a place that it has never reached before. When I saw this beautiful young black girl walking towards the stage for the championship spelling bee, proud, confident and full of potential. I thought of the hundreds of women and men whose lives had been touched by my vision at Warm Spirit and the blessing that God has given me to continue my work with Soul Purpose.

The tears me for represents a new place in my healing, I have turned a corner. The devastation is not so great that it will destroy me any longer, I can breathe, I can exhale. I will be okay and to submit to the tears no longer means submitting to the devastation that I felt. I will not be destroyed but I feel strengthened and truth be told there was no way to short circuit this process. I am grateful to my parents, my husband, my family, Natalie, Cheryl, Stacey, Candi, Angelia, Terri, April, LaChrisa, Josi, Lisa and the countless others who held me up in getting to this point. I feel blessed to be able to cry and to know that I will not be annihilated by my experience and my emotions. I have turned another corner towards victory and I am sooooo grateful.

Here is the poem by Marianne Williamson:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


Anonymous said…
Nadine, you will survive this ordeal. Your heart is in the right place. Forget about the pains of losing Warm Spirt and press onward and upward. Soul Purpose will be a success, just look at all of the people who have flocked to you already. You are the reason so many of us joined Warm Spirit in the first place. You are Warm Spirit, and without you, it is not the same. That is bull about the slogan being "We are Warm Spirit". They are already feeling the heat of your new company getting started. They can not control who we work for, if consultants choose to leave WS that is their choice. I think Soul Purpose will be awesome. You web pages and everything are so appealing and high class. I get excited just looking at it, and can't wait to get started.

I encourage you to just let all of the past pain go, and learn from the experience. It is painful when those who we think we can trust betray us, but you have to just move on.

Please don't shed another tear for the lose of WS, now you should have tears of joy for Soul Purpose. Claim your victory and go for it!!!
Hi Nadine,

I am excited to reconnect with you (and Cheryl). I want to post on your blog so I am writing you today to share my life's purpose as I believe GOD gave it to me. This is my year for reconnections...from the past 7 years. Yes, I said 7. It has been 7 years since I began a journey of discovery (of me). In the beginning I did not know what life was entreating to me, but through faith (not always huge) and some fear, even sadness, I am approaching the fullness of time to my GOD-given purpose. My spiritual gift is that of Encouragement. Everywhere I go, everyone I speak to, I endeavor to give an uplifting word and a smile. Early last year I discovered Dr. Wayne Dyer and became engrossed in his teachings. I began to write an introduction to a motivational speech I would one day give. I know that my ultimately purpose, employing my spiritual gift, is to be a motivational speaker. Like so many others I start and stop for reasons of feeling inadequate, fear, lack of finances, etc. I am 50 years old now and it is time for me to began planting purposeful seeds in a determined manner so that my tree will one day soon speak (or bear fruit). I often recall the sayings of how many songs were written and never sung, books written but never read, speeches made but never heard...these are the dreams of the dead not realized. I do not want to be among this number. And, I know that is not your choice. You are a pheonix which has risen from the ashes as pure gold. Nothing can stop you now. Your time has come.

Your company Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company, encompasses the dreams and passions of individuals. I have been moved and inspired by your blog readings and the Tuesday night calls. Thank you for once again heeding the call of the Spirit. The rest is up to us. And, yes...we are the ones we have been waiting for. Thank you. So powerful. So powerful.

Audrey Wiggins
Nadine said…
good afternoon Audrey and other friends,
how wonderful tohear from you and how exciting to learn about your Soul purpose. What a ministry you have realized for yourself and what a blessing to others you have become. I am so happy to hear from you and delighted to hear your Good News. Thank you as well for your words of encouragement and gratitude. It has been quite a journey and I feel like we are on the verge of something extraordinary.
Much love to you and thank you for sharing your journey and your Soul Purpose,
Anonymous said…
Peace and Blessings Nadine,

Thank You for your Courage! Like the ripple that goes out from the agitation of a still body of water, you have absolutely changed lives! We are not the same people because of you. Thank you. Thank you for your obedience to the Call of God. Even in your pain, you still seek to fulfill your Soul Purpose. We are blessed because of you. I am not a bible scholar, but there is a scripture that speaks to weeping enduring for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Do you see the dawn? Get ready to dance!
Loving you with the Love of Christ
Bev W
Anonymous said…

Please find comfort in knowing that you and the vision of Warm Spirit that God had gave you touched and transformed many lives. When I first found out about Warm Spirit 2 years ago, I knew that God was blessing me with an opportunity like never before. Your vision and your talent, skill, creativity, courage & heart, but most of all your ability to believe in God inspired me to believe that through Warm Spirit my dreams and visions could come true. You Nadine, inspired thousands of women to become more than we thought we every could! Your message of empowerment and self-care changed us and we will never be the same.

Nadine after your departure, I totally lost interest in Warm Spirit. I had to ask myself why? I realized that I joined because of your vision and what it meant. And because the visionary was no longer there, there is no longer a purpose for me to be there. The slogan that we are Warm Spirit is untrue. You were Warm Spirit because the vision came from you.
I remember when I would introduce the products and the business opportunity with others ! was so delighted and excited that I would always say first that God gave you a vision to start this company to be a blessing. I didn't start with the products, because the products were not why I joined. I joined because of your vision and what God was doing through you. I have recently told my sponsor that I am leaving Warm Spirit and joining Soul Purpose. I do not have a desire to just sell products and recruit. My strongest desire is to be working with a leader that hears the voice of God and is willing to do what God is calling them to do to be a blessing to others. My desire is to be with a company that has a soul purpose!

Jesus suffered much betrayal and pain but after the resurrection he got up in the power of God!

A former Warm Spirit Consultant
Anonymous said…
Hi Nadine,
I am so happy for you that you have reached a higher place in your healing. For me, the healing process goes in reverse; first the puddles of tears,then I become extremely angry, then the self improvement(or revenge). The best revenge of all, in all the world is Self Improvement. You started very quickly with that part! You go girl! Are you worried about Soul Purpose? I aint!!! And aparently 3000 Visionaries ain't either! Maybe you've had some issues with trusting people of other races after that experience? In case you had, I remember hearing someone tell me why I should not celebrate Thanksgiving because my ancestors would be "turning in their graves" because of the history of the event. Then, I read this email from a First Nation Lady, who said that we should not let the history take away our ability to be thankful. Be thankful everyday, and know that those who participated in the destruction of our family had broken hearts. And the people who wronged you Nadine have broken hearts as well. You have not let them take away your ability to be thankful. I salute you.
Anonymous said…
Nadine, when are we going to get started? We keep talking about a launch party in April. We need to have our kits and some products on hand to show people. At the rate we are going, we won't have a thing to show. People will only go on excitement for so long. I have so many people now asking, well when are we going to get started? I can't even answer that question. Mother's Day is right around the corner, if we want to be able to cash in on that time, we need to get this ball rolling.

I am excited, but I am also ready to get something in my hands...on the call, you said we should be able to order our kits, that was a week ago, and still we can't order.

Love the website, and business cards, but would like to be able to get going.

I'm ready, what is the hold up? Let's please stop taking about it and get this party started!! Have no fear, you will definitely be successful. You did it once, you will do it again!!

Anonymous said…
Nadine, yes you are the reason a lot of people started W.S. but looking forward it is also the Almighty's spirit that dwells within you and you can hear it when you talk and feel it when your near, it is such a blessing to have you walk that path of The Most High, & reminding us we can do it, faith of a mustard seed is going to pull us all through, and know that Soul Purpose is a Success already, despite people's impatience, or lack of understanding, just know that you have some true souljahs rooting & patiently waiting and I am praying for us as well as the success of this blessed opportunity. Thanks so much for everything. P.S. Crying is a part of healing, so if that's what you gotta do, then do it, no more looking back like in the bible the woman that turned around just to see, we are looking forward and upward!! Shine on Nadine Shine on!! Much love,compassion, & blessings to you,your family & the entire Soul Purpose Community! The Almighty blesses and he taketh away. Praise him through it all.Praise ye Yah!
April Robinson said…
Nadine and the Soul Purpose Family,
Nadine, My sister and my friend I want to commend you for your patience, endurance and your faith. I thank you for allowing each one us to witness and be a part of the birthing of Soul Purpose.
Many are very excited about this new business (Soul Purpose); however birthing is a move of God and is unique. What God does in Soul Purpose, will be different from any other past endeavors. In many cases we try to adopt a move of God from previous endeavors; however you cannot adopt or even adapt a move of God. You birth a move of God!
Giving birth, there is discomfort, pain, and heartache and waiting, but the birth process brings new life. Whatever its cause, the pain of new birth must be endured if a move of God is to fully come to life. So it is important in the birth of Soul Purpose not to be anxious, the appointed time will come. In Philippians 4:6 it states: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

Although it is the plan of the enemy to cause great unrest- keeping our mind at work thinking this or that. It can be a playground for Satan and his lies if we allow him the freedom to plant thoughts in our minds. Think on God’s Word, memorize His promises. When the thoughts of worry come, take them to God in prayer, leave them there, trust Him with them, and then meditate on His promises. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee ISAIAH 26:3.’

Soul Purpose family let us continue to be supportive and prayerful for Nadine and Hold on until the delivery is completed!

Love you all!
April Robinson
Soul Purpose Spirit Coach
Anonymous said…
I just have to commend Ms. April Robinson whose words touched my heart. I khow that everyone is so anxious for Soul Purpose to take off, but we must practice patience. As April so eloquently put it, when there is a birth occurring there is a process and when its time to move the process will begin!!!!

To the entire Soul Purpose Family, when its time, it will happen. Thank you Lady Nadine for your vision!!!!
Anonymous said…
All Praise is Due to the Most High God!!

Thank you April for those words of encouragement.
Anonymous said…
but there is no denying that all of this waiting can be a LITTLE discouraging. especially when the bill collectors continue to hound...

hopefully all of the 3000 or so that signed up will still convert when we FINALLY do get started...
Anonymous said…
I agree, the waiting can get to be disappointing. The bills do have to be paid,and the sooner people are able to sign up and start selling the better,because the bottom line is products have to be sold in order for Soul Purpose to become successful.

All of this prayer is wonderful, but at at some point there has to be some action. What is the point of sending people to a web site that shows all these lovely descriptions of products, but no prices and links about joining, but nothing to join?

We are moving into April, and I am agreeing with A.R., it is time to stop talking and start working.

Soul Purpose is a business and in order for a businessess to be successful, it has to get started.

If Soul Purpose is just going to be a forum for prayer, praise, and worship that's fine, but if it is to be a business, we need to get down to business, and Pray that we are all successful.
Nadine said…
Happy Sunday morning!
There is alot to be grateful today as we continue on this journey. I am grateful as well for the words of support and encouragement and I am motivated by those who share their eagerness to get started. I am pleased to share that we have indeed begun and we have done so in record time. We started working on putting together Soul Purpose in December of 2007 and launched our vision in January of 2008. In 12 weeks we have built a website, developed the product line, crafted a business plan, etc, etc, etc. Twelve weeks and 3000 people who have committed to the vision. We are now ready to launch, to have our visionaries convert to becoming consultants and to begin selling products. This process for a traditional start-up direct sales company usually takes about 18 months. We are starting in record breaking time. Interestingly enough I also feel the pressure and anxiety to have started selling yesterday but to do all of this correctly especially with our technology and back office systems we can only move "so" quickly and our manufacturers can only manufacture products and print labels on "so" quickly. I agree let's get started and continue to move along as quickly as possible. Our goal is to have our first grouping of products available at your launch parties on April 12th and new products coming on line every month thereafter. I am pushing and working as hard as I can to do this as quickly as possible but also very mindful that only the best will do and wanting to provide to each of you the best that God has blessed me to offer and the best quality products and systems that you deserve.
Thank you for your confidence and believe it or not I am encouraged by a bit of im-patience because that is evidence of anticipation of great things to come.
Thank you and much love,
Anonymous said…
And let us not be weary in well doing for in DUE SEASON we shall REAP if we faint not. Gal 6:9

Sistah Nadine(Queen), thank you for your wisdom and inspiring words in your response.

Yet again, even in the midst of your pain you are a bright light that shines forth in the darkest moments. Still continuing to press on in leadership, remaining "true to your vision and never wavering from your commitment to others".

I am reminded of my commitment to Soul Purpose to what being a Visionary really means. So I read our mission statement again.
"Visionaries are quite often awe-inspiring...and requires stepping beyond our perceived notions of what can be. People who see through the fog of doubt and challenges."

Faith is the "SUBSTANCE" of things HOPED for, the evidence of things "NOT SEEN".
"Makes the impossible,possible".

I too felt the "bug" of being a little too anxious to get started. But as a business woman "with bills" too, I have signed on as a "VC", an Ambassador to help lay the "foundation" of a "phenominal company", knowing that it takes time for greatness. So I prepared others to realize the same...and to wait on the Visionary".

Some may say, maybe Nadine invited 3000 to become apart of "her" vision too soon. (Truly no one else has ever done this)
Some may say, maybe Nadine should not have shared her past pains of betrayal and loss, "exposing her humaness" to 3000. (Surely leaders don't do this)
And maybe Nadine's vision should not have extended to 3000 the opportunity to be a "participant" to "History in the making".(Nope, no one else has done this, either)

I am truly grateful that your divinely inspired Vision was inclusive and not exclusive and it was "for such a time as this".

Let us be forever mindful of the awesome "gift" that God has given us in Nadine A. Thompson, her relentless faith and self sacrificing for others to fulfill individual visions and purpose.

Success comes from God...and it is he who gives the increase.

With much love and admiration,
Your Sistah In Christ, ALB
Anonymous said…
March 28, 2008

Nadine ~ I am so proud and honored to be part of Soul Purpose.
I am grateful to God for giving you the vision and the courage to develop companies with a purpose, and I am so thankful that you adhered to the given vision and have audaciously stepped into your greatness to bring it to realization. My life, my consciousness, my self confidence have been so tremendously transformed over the last six years from being a part of the other company.
It also reinforced and enhanced my spiritual growth. Fear no longer rules my life, though still present, it now exhilarates my senses to overcome whatever challenge may materialize, and enlarges my soul for the better person I know I will become because of it.
Bringing our accrued experience, knowledge, and more than anything, belief in the vision of making the world a better place, I think our success as Soul Purpose is beyond what we can even imagine at this time.

I respect you for contextualizing our making history by reminding us and teaching us of those on whose shoulders we stand. Madame CJ Walker’s quote, “I got my start by giving myself a start,” resonates in my mind every day, and helps me get on task. The ancestors are proud of you as well.

I salute you for believing in us as black women, as women of color, as women and men in need of a better life, that we could together build this phenomenal enterprise from our communities out. I praise you for making the last first, and positioning us to reap the fruit of the first harvest.
You are the true epitome of Kuumba, the sixth principle of Kwanzaa, “To do always as much as we can, in the way that we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.”

Soul Purpose is the answer to my yearning for a truly natural and organic product line I could personally use as well as share with others. While I can’t wait to smell and feel the product, I already know how exceptional it is, because I know you are living in your purpose. In fact, I know that it will be better than what I know. I can’t wait!

I love that Soul Purpose Lifestyle gives me the platform I need to add to the self care and wellness conversation, the necessity of: using environmentally friendly household products; reading food labels and learning about the ingredients; incorporating more living foods into our daily diet; recycling and living green to protect the environment and our children’s future; and all together the necessity of “living like there is a tomorrow.”

And thank you, thank you, thank you, for the Nsorommo logo! It truly encompasses the vision, and our mission, as well as serving to inspire us to live to our full potential. I also appreciate being able to dialogue and blog with you, and look so forward to seeing you soon so I can give you a big, juicy hug!

I heard someone once say, “Nadine you are a genius and a goddess.” Well I say to you now, “Nadine you are a genius, and a green goddess.” 

Much love back to you for the love you have shared with all of us.

Blessings and success are yours!

Be the light,

Visionary Circle Member

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