Finding your purpose in the midst of stress and chaos

Somedays I wake up and it is hard to find my place or purpose. These are days filled with self doubt and fear and they'renot good days, but the plus is having the faith, strength, courage and belief that God will guide me through it. Everyday, my faith is deepened or better yet my understanding about faith is deepening. Simply, I understand now that these days will occur but if you have faith you believe that you will get through the tought times. Here are a few excerpts of words of encouragement from our Soul Purpose coach April Robinson. She is a glimmer of hope and she is always right on time. I hope you find some encouragement in April's words.

Good evening Nadine
I pray all is well, I know you are busy but you are my sister and i want to make sure all things are well. Just want to send an encouraging to you tonight, "Stay Encourage and Keep your eyes on the prize". I was reflecting on last year around this time and I how God was aligning things up for my life and continues to- only a daily basis. Nadine, I realize more and more, that it essential to trust God's promise in Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of whose who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.". It is a good feeling to know that whatever may come in our way that God causes them to work together for His purpose. Nadine we do not have to overload ourselves with things (especially the ones out of our contol) with worry and stress.
Just wanted to send love and encouragement.


Anonymous said…
How does one stay encouraged when one feels so rejected by the one peron you love the most?
Nadine said…
It is hard to stay encouraged when you feel rejected. It is almost impossible! People often reject us however for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with us. It is usually there own agenda and their won needs. Yes, you may love that person but do you love them enough to let them be and do you love yourself enough to give yourself the space and distance to be with a person who really wants to be with you. Grieve the loss and then allow the universe to bring you the love that you deserve.
Anonymous said…
Thank you sooo much, Nadine. That really helps a WHOLE lot.

Peace, love, and blessings to you!

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