We love Chicago!!!!!

Soul Purpose loves Chicago & Chicago LOVES Soul Purpose!!!!!!!!

We had a beautiful weekend in Chicago, full of celebration, tears of joy, boisterous laughter and great food. The weekend kicked off with a sparkling champagne meet & greet at the beautiful Mi Spa hosted by Peggy Riggins and Dominga Cortez. Thank you to all of the Soul Purpose entrepreneurs and their guests who attended and thank you to our hosts for such a warm and spirited reception. The champagne and food was “off the chain”.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we worked hard and celebrated at the Chicago Black women’s Expo. Soul Purpose entrepreneurs arrived by cars, buses, trains and airplanes from around the country to be together this weekend. We had representation from Miami, Orlando, Indiana, St. Louis, Ohio, Maryland, Washington DC, Baltimore and of course Exeter, New Hampshire. The response to the Soul Purpose product line was phenomenal. The lines for our 3 booths literally wrapped around the corner and were 15-20 women deep. Women lined up for our mineral makeup makeovers, loved the colors and quality of the line and the body custards were a huge hit.

I must extend a warm and soul-filled welcome to all of our new entrepreneurs who joined Soul Purpose this weekend, we welcome you with open arms and we are honored to have you on the team. We had a record number of new recruits this weekend and we welcomed our first Native American sister to the Soul Purpose team.

A special thank you to our hosts at the South Loop Hotel and to Susan Taylor from Essence magazine and motivational speaker Mr. Les Brown. We are grateful and delighted for your support of Soul Purpose.

We are “On & Popping!!!” in Chi-Town, I can’t wait to return.
Next stops Boston, New York and Dallas; see you there!

Much love,


Soulpurposelife said…
Lady Nadine,
I 2 Love Chicago!
I enjoyed meeting, learning and talking with you first hand. It was a wonderful and exciting experience learning mineral makeup and how to apply it, the training was off the chain! It was also great meeting and sharing with other SP from around the world. You have a kind, warm, and loving soul and I 2 am in the water with a wonderful soul. You will always have a place in my heart that you can call your own. I look forward to your visit to St. Loui, MO
With all my love and thanks
Anonymous said…

I was so preoccupied with my family and move to Chicago and finishing my Master's that I didn't listen to conference calls until some strange man's voice was on the other line. I was very confused and got little explanantion from my upline. For whatever reason, I just decided to google your name tonight and have spent the last hour or so reading your blog and all about Soul Purpose. I am so happy to hear about your journey to wellness. I have been trying to listen to God's advice for me to be still. I have always been high strung, doing more than necessary and I don't get to enjoy the blessings He has placed in my life. I was attached to Warm Spirit, because you blessed us beyond measure during our time at Exeter and I felt like I was giving some of that love back when I worked my Warm Spirit business. As a evaluate whether I should be working a business that is not really God's will for my life right now, I think it is another sign of how abundantly clear the voice of the Lord is to those who are waitig for a word. Reading your story reminded me about why I joined the business and why it may be time to move on. I love you Nadine and look forward to my next reunion so that I can see you, the kids and Rev. I pray that I can bring my family to see and love Exeter the way that I still do. I told a student at my school about the new fundraising program, she told her mom who told her that her dad who had died when she was three was an Exeter alum. Long story short, she got in. I am very excited for her and I know that she will do awesome things with an Exeter education. I love interviewing people to get to Exeter for the chance to meet people like you and Rev.

Christine is doing well with 3 kids. Cathy has two beautiful girls, Miecha just had a beautiful baby girl, and Julia is well in Atlanta last I heard, stressed with design school. Christy love and her hubby moved to CT so he can finish his dentistry specialty. I am finally finishing my MLS Master's, working as a school librarian and beginning to play a regular part in a midweek Christian drama team for kids. I am happy and busy with my twins and their friends and still thank Exeter and people like you and Rev for the best four years of my life, besides the life of my twins.

Lots of love, rest and vision,
Anonymous said…
What is the web address for silver bullet, I read that they had some product brochures that we could use?
Anonymous said…
You can order Soul Purpose product brochures from your youngevity back office, if you have set that up.

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