We do what we have to do; so we can do what we want to do!

We do what we have to do, so we can do what we want to do. What an inspiring quote this is, I heard it when my husband and I were watching The Great Debaters. I thought of all of the struggles and challenges we have gone through as a people, as a gender, as a nation most importantly as individuals. We sometimes forget why we struggle, why we grieve and why we are in so much pain. It is because somewhere deep inside we are simply doing what we have to in order to do what we want to.
This past month has been a trying month for me and for Soul Purpose. Murphy's Law has found a place but despite every challenge we have done extraordinarily well. But as the May end numbers rolled in I was very excited to see the success and accomplishments of the Soul Purpose community. A testimony to perseverance!
I continue to pray for perseverance in order to do the things that I know in my heart that I have to continue to do what needs to be done.


Anonymous said…
Nadine, I am of the opinion because of life's twists and turns, hurdles and hassles, trials and tribulations, that what does not kill us makes us stronger. It is with persistence and perseverance and staying the course that dreams are realized. These challenges shall soon pass and all things great and small are soon to be delivered because of the collective prayer, and all the feet that are moving to the beat of your drum. What an extroadinary rhythm it is! Your accomplishments and your new direction, along with your winning team is something quite extraordinary. If there is anything that i can do or be for you and yours, i am here, ready willing and able : )

You are such a rare and special soul and your purpose to serve and protect, engage and committ, nurture and stand for women is your winning combination. Soul Purpose has a compelling future.

Big hug,
Sandy Elsberg
Unknown said…
Nadine, I also was absolutely mesmerized and so taken with this quote from The Great Debaters that I started a Debate Team at my academy. Just wanted to let you know and I suspect that there are many other like-minded folks out there as well!


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