Praise God for the victory!!!!!!!

Earlier today a dear friend spoke with me about my mood and what I heard was we love you very much we know this is a painful journey but we need you to put all of the negative stuff behind you. Yup, she is absolutely right and tonight my friends is a new day. Warm Spirit is behind me, the past is behind me, I am moving on with faith and courage.
Okay now for the good stuff. Today is a phenomenal day in the history of Soul Purpose, tonight we hit consultant #500. Five hundred converted visionaries in one week, history in the making.
Let me explain the magnitude of what this means, it takes approximately one year for the average company to achieve 500 signed people, we did it 1 week. five hundred consultants and 3000 visionaries. WOW!!!!
Okay, I am happy, I am grateful, I am victorious. We are victorious together and if this is nothing else it is a testimony to what is possible and a reminder of the greatness and empowerment that lives in each of us. more to come i need to get on the call.
I love you all and I am in awe of what is possible.
much love,


Anonymous said…
Nadine, I must say I felt the passion and electricity in your voice tonight on the call it just stirred my heart. Ok, I'm not going to make you weep this time (smile). That comp plan is the BOMB...3DE here I come...WOW...this is trully an exciting time. I can't even put it into words. YES! YES! AND YES!!
April Robinson said…

Only thing I can say is “Look at God” You, Nadine are such a testimony in what God can do. I rejoice today because you took the same step of faith that the women with the issue took in
Mathew 9:20-22; and now –right now Nadine –thy faith hath made thee whole. Praise God!
I have seen people get excited for many reason, but this is different. What make this so different and unique is that the excitement is truly an excitement of hope, promise and purpose. Nadine, you have already done great things for many people (financially, mentally and spiritually). But this time; it is a time of RESTORATION! Nadine, you have restored hope in some hopeless situations, you restored love in some loveless situations, you restored faith in some faithless situations, and you have restored dreams and promises. So Thank you my sister for listening to call, Thank you for being obedient to the vision and most of all thank you for trusting God in allowing Him to order your steps!

Nadine and the Soul Purpose Family, God have filled each one of us with Greatness and Promise! God is a God of Promise! Remember the Promise!
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

Love You All!
April Robinson
Spirit Coach
Anonymous said…
How were the Launch Parties? Has anyone said? I did not get my kit so I could not have mine, but that's okay, I still plan to have one when it arrives!

I am so excited!! Can't wait till I can actually get something in my hands!!

Does anyone know when that will happen?

Anonymous said…
Yes. Do tell. I have not received my kit yet either and am holding off on scheduling a launch party until further communication is forwarded as to when we can expect kits to be shipped.
Unknown said…
I attended the launch party hosted by Cheryl Cormier and Anita Barnes in Florida. It was awesome to be actually there as Cheryl introduced Nadine.

The products are GREAT! My favorite is Hawaiian Tuberose....for now. To touch, to smell and experience all the wonderful is indeed a journey of the senses!

Thank you so much Nadine for creating this company called Soul Purpose and for your wisdom and leadership...I am almost brought to tears!

I close with this wonderful quote by Maya Angelou:
"Some people cannot see a good thing when it is right here, right now.

Others can sense a good thing coming, when it is days, months, or miles away."
Anonymous said…
Nadine, my Queen, How wonderful you are. A ray of hope, a glimmer of sunshine and freshness to a new day!

Release! Released! Releaved!
"Release" is such a wonderful thing and an awesome place to be.

God Fulfills all his promises Nadine..."no GOOD THING will he WITHHOLD from them who walk uprightly. Psalm 84:11

We had an AWESOME Launch Party on Saturday in Orlando,Fl! It was a pleasure and a wonderful experience to host with my Team Leader, Exec. VP, Cheryl Cormier as we launched our new businesses and sealed our "Soul Purpose" with a "Champagne Toast".

15 Lifestyle Ent., 3 Conversions, 4 guest, 2 new Lifestyle Ent.

I am in love with "Hollywod Fresh" and the Ginger is "simply divine".

Just incase there was any doubt in our minds of the "power of God fulfilling his promises"...join me in this repentant prayer.

Lord, I bow before You this day and declare that You are Lord over every area of my life. I surrender myself and my life to You and invite You to rule in every part of my mind, soul, body and spirit.

Nadine, Cheryl, Ray, Stacey and Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrpreneurs, I Luv Yah!

And may God's richest Blessings Be Yours.

Your Sistah In Christ,
Anita L. Barnes
beautylocs said…
Congrats on your victorious business ventures. I too, will be joining the ranks soon.

New York was in the house! Reports are in from New York and we had an awesome turn out at our launch event. There were 40 people in the house! We had to keep looking for more chairs to add to the room! We had 100% sign up and we're looking forward to the next event. And a BIG Shout out to Maryland! Tara and the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs in the area had a record-breaking 90 people in attendance at their launch event. We are looking forward to the future. Thank you Nadine Abraham Thompson! It feels really good to just speak your name. Keep doing you. You have a gift. My favorite scents are Hollywood Fresh, Australian Sandalwood and Zanzibar Girl's Club. Girlfriend, God has anointed your senses! Like you said on the call, you've developed a line that is nothing like you've ever created before - hands down, IT'S BETTER!

We're going to soar to new heights, can we say global? We can't wait to get on that plane to African. We share your vision and we are going to make it happen.

Unknown said…
WOW, what a wonderful time to behold the launching of Soul Purpose and your vision come to fruition. I'm truly excited and ready to ride the waves and reach new heights.
Anonymous said…
I am a Caucasian woman in the educational field. I am moved by your vision and work. I see this as an opportunity for diversity to become a household practice and am learning alot about being in the minority. God has brought us together for a reason. I wait for the unfolding of what my sole purpose is with Soul Purpose.

Wind In Her Hair

Wind In Her Hair
Anonymous said…
We had the unique opportunity to let over 100 women and men experience Soul Purpose products this past Tuesday at the local college campus at Forest Park and invite them all out to our St. Louis launch this weekend with the ST.Louis Diamond Nation!!!! They ohh and ahh, they sampled and giggled and talked about how scents reminded them of things when they were kids and growing up. They loved the products, the company and the entire concept of Soul Purpose. We did survey forms and they top winner was Zanzibar Girls Club number 1, Brazillian Jackfruit number 2 and tied with Hawaiian tuberose. All of the scents were a hit. They were hounding us to take orders!!!! We are expecting a great turn out for the April 19th event here in St. Louis. Be on the look out for our pictures online.
Debbi Patrick - St. Louis Diamond Nation
Anonymous said…
I am happy for the people who were able to have successful launch parties, but I just have to ask the question: When will the rest of us be able to get started. It seems really unfair for only a select few to be able to have products and samples to show while the rest of us have to sit back and wait as the dates dates for shipping continue to change and be backed up. Everyone who converted by the deadline should have received their kits.

Could we please be more professional and give everyone the same opportunity and only put out dates if we have plans to stick to them? I had 5 people on the call Tuesday night, and they all kept asking the same questions: when will you have something we can see? How can we talk about auto-ship when we don't have anything to show people. That is a bit ridiculous.

Not trying to be negative but the rest of us would like to be able to get going too. I understand that this is a new company, but the leaders have done this before, so it should be going a lot smoother. Also, holding on to people's credit cards for this long and not processing is going to be a whole new problem, you know a lot of them are going to start declinging. You can not hold people's orders for this long and not expect more problems.

Could we please get this together!! I am commited, but would love to see us step it up.
Anonymous said…
St. Louis April 19th Launch Party

Well it is officially over.We had a very good turnout here in St. Louis today.

Thanks to the entire team Carin Buchannan, Tylanna Patton, Serena Rencher, Kristen Hairston, Rashell Hairston, Erica Williams and Rayborn Boyd who helped put this event in motion.

We had an awesome inspiring speaker and author Karen Spencer who spoke about stepping out on faith. We watch a 5 minute video on the trillion dollar wellness revolution from Paul Zane Pilzer after that we had a swarm of people checking out products.

We will have 5 new Lifestyle Entrpreneurs and joining the ranks. We had 20 in attendance 9 Lifestyle Entrepreurs rest were visionaries and guests.

We will have pictures coming soon of the event, toast and celebration! Thanks Nadine for such a great company!

Debbi Patrick - Lifestyle Entreneur- future Diamond
St .Louis Diamond Nation
Anonymous said…
okay it's late and I'm tired. I can spell entrepreneur. I can't fix my post, I am just so excited and exhausted I didn't check the wording. (smile-been a long day)

Debbi Patrick
Anonymous said…
Has anyone received their kits yet? I am not getting any new information lately. I tried to listen to the call from last week and could not get it either.
Anonymous said…
Was wondering the same thing myself, the funds have not been deducted from my account as well. Wondering what's the hold up????
Anonymous said…
I have not received my kit as well. Decided to become a consultant three weeks ago. Signed up via internet. My account has been debited but I have still not received anything, written nor email confirmation. I am rather disappointed at this point and seeking some clarification at this point.
Nadine said…
Good evening,
i just read the last 3 postings on this blog entry. It appears that you must not be receiving our Soul Purpose communications regarding sign ups and kits. We actually have sent out a few communications and another one went out earlier this afternoon. Please email if you are not receiving information because it is important that everyone be in the "know". The great news is that we have our kits ready a little ahead of schedule and have started charging credit cards last Friday. The kits are being shipped out this week to those cards that we have been able to process. So the good news is that once your card has been charged that is confirmation that your kit will be shipped this week, you should also be receiving confirmation of the charge.
Please call into the call this evening for updates and information, we are excited to have you on the team and apologize if you have not been receiving our communication and emails. Please be in touch with the office as well, you can leave a message at 603-778-4900.
Anonymous said…
Well my account has been charged, although I have not received anything, hopefully it will come next week.

On the call they talked about packages for Mother's Day, but with nothing to show, and not knowing the ordering process, it looks like I won't have the opportunity to do anything.

I am hopeful, but very frustrated and disappointed. I have made calls, no answer, and sent emails, no answer. I guess I will just sit back and wait some more!! What else can we do??
Anonymous said…
On a happy note: here are pictures from the St.Louis April 19th launch party! Enjoy - Debbi

St. Louis Diamond Nation¤t=e85c7e1f.pbw
Anonymous said…
Could someone please tell me how I am supposed to get products for Mother's Day? On the call they talked about a Mother's Day package, but I have not seen anything, and don't know how to order. Also, what about the shipping costs. Will we have a flat shipping fee like a lot of other companies or will it be like WS where the shipping fees eat up our profits or run the customers away? I looked at the price lists, and those prices are not reflective of a 30% discount, more like 25% or something. They are not consistent percentages. Are we to have floating discount prices?

When are we going to get real answers, the Tuesday night calls are not saying a whole lot, only that we are excited, and then a whole week of nothing, and then more "we are excited".
I just wanted to respond to some of the comments here to provide some answers.

For Mother's Day, I would create
gift certificates that could be redeemed by your customers (through you) after Mother's Day. This would give you something that your customers could engage in now. Anything that comes out now not make it in time for Mother's Day.

Products are going to be phased into the warehouse, with the Shea Butter Balms and Solid Scents to come in first (this week).

Credit cards were charged and kits are beginning to ship, you will most likely receive yours this week. I have not received mine either.

Shipping with Soul Purpose if similar to our partner company, will be $6.50 up to a certain dollar amount ( I believe it's $80, not sure), but after that it is 8% of your product total. For example, your product total is $100, then your shipping is $8.00 bucks. I hope this makes sense.

The commission structure is a range of 25-30%, plus there are rebates depending on sales. For example, Sales between $100 - $499.99 will earn an additional 3% rebate on sales and sales between $500-$999 will receive an additional 5% rebate on your sales. So even if you only get a 25% wholesale-retail profit with the rebate it will bring it up to at the very least 27%. So, this is great.

A lot of this information is given out on our Tuesday calls. This Tuesday is going to be especially important, so please dial in.

I want everyone to know that Nadine and her team has done a lot in a very short amount. It takes most starts up YEARS to get to the point where kits can officially be shipped and other companies stay in the pre-launch phase for 9-12 months. So, hats off on getting this up and running. Let's continue to give her the respect she deserves. I for one could not have done what she did.

I know we are all excited, I for one, could not be more excited. I would advise everyone that if you cannot get a lot of information from your Alpha Leader, then visit If you miss the calls listen to the replay line. A lot of files and documents are listed there, including the schedule of the product launches for the Spring. This is an exciting time and we have a lot to do (IN THE MEANTIME) Like now is a good time to book out events for May 15th and beyond.

Make sure that when you do get your products that you're ready to roll and make May Magnificent!

Peace and Love,
Anonymous said…
Thanks Toni, I have not seen or heard anything about the shipping so that information was helpful. I we can work with UPS or Fed Ex and get flat rates, like Mary Kay, Silpada, and so many others, I think that would take us over the top. Shipping fees are a big problem, and you do get customers who feel they are too much and will not order. Working this out would be a strong move.

I think people are just a little anxious to get going.
Anonymous said…
Toni thanks for the information. I too would like to add that I think Nadine and her staff are doing a great job, I'm sure they have been bombarded with emails, calls etc. from everyone (me incuded) and I understand that they are doing the best that they can. They have accomplished alot in such a short time and my hat goes off to them!!! Everyone is so excited and ready to roll with Soul Purpose, anxious would be an understatement for me anyway. Again, I just wanted to chime in and let Nadine, Cheryl, Toni and the entire Soul Purpose staff know that I think they are giving 100% in getting this business moving. I will continue to practice patience while everything is being finalized.
Anonymous said…
I just have to say, I listened to the call last night and I am so excited I am about to burst. Nadine, you make the products sound wonderful, I am rushing home everyday to see if my kit has arrived so I can try them out.

I too have been anxious to get started, because I know this new company will be great if we all work together and work hard at getting the word out.

I can just see us on Oprah now!!! Nadine, you rock!! Hats off to all of you and the team for all of your hard work.

The only think I would like to see you guys work on is the shipping. I have friends who work for Fed Ex and UPS, and they say you can negotiate a flat rate. We really need to look into that. The more money customers save on shipping, the more products they can buy from us. Ohterwise everything else is on point!! Awesome comp. plan, etc!!!

Again keep up the good work!!
Nadine said…
Dear Soul Purpose Community,
Thank you for your patience over the last few weeks. Although we are moving at lightening speed to launch this company it does seem to be taking longer than we all want it to. I believe that this is something that we all want and need so badly and a day is too long. I am excited to say that our kits are shipping and the products are being manufactured. I am excited and thrilled with all that is happening behind the scenes and I know that you all will be thrilled as well.
Now that the crisis of launching is over I can return to doing my blog so please check back for updates every few days and please post your thoughts as well but please try to be positive if you can.
Please my new post on the blog page today and read about an incredible sister who is making a difference globally.
Much love and Happy Mother's Day.
Anonymous said…
I got my kit today!! The packaging for the perfumes is beautiful. I love it. All of the literature is so pretty and looks so classy and professional. Well done!!!

Can we start ordering products now and what is the turn around time to get them back? I did not hear that information on the call last night, I may have missed it.

Also, for auto-ship what can we order, I would love to have some candles. Do we just order them and wait until they are ready for delivery?

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