Essence Summit

This past week has been a tremendous week. I was so honored to be invited to speak at the Women Who Are Shaping the World Summit. It was a tremendous honor and an unforgetable experience for me. Meeting all of the wonderful women who are making a difference was wonderful and inspiring. I was very moved by Robin Roberts and her story about her journey with breast cancer and her recovery. The women in the audience who came forward and testified were awe inspiring. It was a great day!
As far as my speech was concerned it was very cathartic to be able to share about my creation of Warm Spirit, the resulting set backs and the blessing and creation of Soul Purpose. The audience was moved and I was surprised by the fact that no one knew that I was no longer with Warm Spirit. I knew that intellectually but was still shocked by seeing and hearing it from the women. I was proud to share that there is now a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company and a beautiful line of products that represents the next generation of personal care. I am so proud of Soul Purpose and all of our entrepreneurs, we are all visionaries and I believe we can be successful. I can now look back over the past 18 months and feel nothing but pride and a sense of accomplishment about our growth thus far.
I am so proud to be in the water with all of you and wish you a blessed day.
Much love,


Anonymous said…
Peace and Blessings Nadine,
It is indeed a Blessing to be "In the Water" with You as well. Whenever I share the Soul Purpose story, people are always very happy to hear that you have "dug another well". You are very well respected and very much loved in our community.
It is an Honor to be in business with you. Thank you for your courage and steadfastness. Thank you for holding on to your Vision and continuing to share it.

Bev Woods
Genmaspeaks said…
Hello Runaway,
It was so good seeing you. I felt blessed to be in your presence again. The last time I saw, I was sharing my story about Alexis. To see you a few years later, and knowing that the words you shared with me made such a big difference in my life and in my daughter's is remarkable. I know that it was by no accident that I was put in your path again. I took your words to heart again and I can't wait to see where God is going to take me with them. I love you and baby girl is going become one of your consultants. Look out! She said hello and wishes you nothing but the best.
I love you. Your biggest fan.
Genma Holmes
The Bug Lady

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