Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to the entire Soul Purpose community! I had the pleasure and honor of attending the Voices of Courage luncheon in New York city last Tuesday to honor some tremendous women who are changing the world and making a difference for women and children around the world. I was moved to tears by the speeches and felt committed more than ever to this global vision of empowerment that we have at Soul Purpose. I am honored to be “in the water” with each and every one of you. I also had the opportunity to meet Kulah Borbor and was able to tell her a little about Soul Purpose. I believe the message and story below speaks for itself.

I also had the opportunity to attend a beautiful Pre-Mother’s Day breakfast in Orlando Florida. I was the keynote speaker at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church - Divine Style with Sophisticated Elegance Fashion Show and Breakfast. It was really a wonderful and beautiful event and I am deeply grateful and honored to have been invited to speak by the church’s First Lady the most divine Sister Anita Barnes. I had a wonderful time and I was thrilled and honored to be able to share the Soul Purpose story not to mention being honored with the Women’s Empowerment Award. I am grateful!

I wish you joy, peace, blessings and quality time today to celebrate the spirit of motherhood.
With much love and respect,
Nadine Abraham Thompson
Founder and CEO Soul Purpose

Dear Nadine,
As we get ready to celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday, I'd like to tell you about a phenomenal woman–and mother–we honored this week, who has dedicated her life to stopping violence against women and girls. Find out what you can do here. Kulah Borbor works to prevent girls in Liberia from having to experience female genital mutilation (FGM) and the life-long physical and psychological trauma it leads to. Around the world, 6,000 girls undergo this procedure every single day.
Growing up, Kulah, who underwent FGM when she was 14, was told that if she spoke publicly about it she would die. Later, she learned otherwise, and now works for an international organization as a peer educator, teaching women and girls about the risks of this dangerous, and even life-threatening, procedure.
Kulah was also told that only "gronah girls"–prostitutes–went to school. Once again, she's proved them wrong by helping to set up a school and learning, at age 42, to read and write.
You can help ensure that every woman and girl has a bright future.
Urge your senators to support the International Violence Against Women Act, which would make efforts to address gender-based violence a key priority in U.S. foreign assistance programs.
Sign up for e-mail updates on sexual violence and exploitation of refugee women and girls and other critical issues.
Support our lifesaving work by making a tax-deductible donation today.
Carolyn Makinson Executive Director
P.S. Please share with a friend today.


Anonymous said…
Thank you Nadine for such a wonderful opportunity.

I just wanted to share my why I joined and what Soul Purpose means to me.

Here is my story.

I love soulpurpose. Not just cause its some african american FEMALE owned company, but about 1 year ago I was 6mths pregnant and lost my son Xavier and had to go on leave from my job..know I was 39 when i got pregnant so i felt this was my last chance. Well from day one it was a rough pregnancy.

The day i lost Xavier, I was at the hospital and called my boss who we all work in the medical field and told her I just lost my baby she said "ok i will see you in a couple of days" I said: What you mean, i am getting ready to go in to labor and delivery i won't be back for months. do you know i did not receive a card, email, call, flowers nothing from my employers or boss then to top that, my grandmother died 2 weeks after Xavier. I was devastated. I had all I could bear, still no card no call no nothing.

I get back to work finally after months of depression, someone's dog died and they had the NERVE TO PASS AROUND A GREETING CARD TO BE SIGNED. You know i was heated.

That right there when the opportunity came to join Soulpurpose, it meant that I would never again have to deal with ungrateful people, being able to stay home raise my children or have a safe healthy pregnancy.

If that wasn't enough this past winter I receive a notice from my landlord of 2 years to appear in court. Yes, he did an illegal eviction! After several days of having to hurry up and move things out of my apartment to come home and all my possessions over the last 20 years had been taken to the dump!!!!

Let me just tell you, rewind 5 years from that my marriage to the love of my life left me to go back to his divorced wife! So I lost most of my things in that marriage so I spent the last several years rebuilding what I could salvage. okay fast foward up to the eviction, I was so distraught that I could just die literally. I could not take not one more piece of bad news.

A friend called me and told me about Nadine and what happened and she was starting a new company that was going to be something that would be life changing. I said why not let me give it a try. I am still struggling to rebuild but the light at the end of the tunnel looks a little brighter with this vehicle.

Now I have a team of consultants who i must say i ENJOY WORKING WITH and they have the same goals of financial freedom and we have fun together. We are going to see immediate income for our hard working efforts and the compensation plan is off the chain!!!! I have been in Avon, marykay, Beauticontrol, PRT travel, TraVerus and others and this is the only ONE THAT HAS REAPED great benefits that I can already see.

So thank you so much Nadine for your vision, your dreams, your ambition and the desire to follow thru and create Soul Purpose. I have my passion and my reason to make Soulpurpose work for me.

Debbi P
St. Louis Diamond Nation
Anonymous said…
I love that song on the Soul Purpose website. What is the name of it, and where can I get the entire song?
Anonymous said…
The name of the song on the webiste is "I am" by Kindred Family Soul. You can listen to the entire song on www.hiddenbeach.com
Anonymous said…
Thank you for bringing Soul Purpose into our lives, Nadine. Thank you, also, for continuing to strive for the goal of empowerment for women, despite the challenge that you faced in trying to do this earlier. You've learned from that experience and we are reaping the rewards of that in Soul Purpose. I'm so excited to be a part of this company and I'm happy to say that I'm growing a team that's on fire, as well! We're hoping to see you some time in the near future in or near Chicago!

Jill W.
Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Anonymous said…
I just pulled up the new price list. I noticed that the candles are soy "wax" candles. Does this mean these are not the candles with the oils that you can use? In the product brochures it mentions something about oils in relation to the candles. Are these the candles that you can use the oils from or not? If not, are we going to have those?

Anonymous said…
Can we start the tuesday calls a little earlier? People on EST are having to stay up till almost 11 pm to hear the calls, that is late for those who have to get up for their jobs in the morning.
Anonymous said…
Is there a written explanation for Fast start or fast cash or whatever it is called? I tried to listen to the call but missed some of what Cheryl was saying. I am trying to learn the rules so I will know what I am doing and be able to explain it to others.
Anonymous said…
I guess you just have to listen to the replays, that's what I do. I don't know what you can do about the web presentations!!
Anonymous said…
I guess you just have to listen to the replays, that's what I do. I don't know what you can do about the web presentations!!
Anonymous said…
If you have questions regarding the Quick Start Bonus, you should ask your sponsor or email the visionary circle. Regarding the web presentation, you can go to soulpurpose.webexone.com and view the product presentation that Nadine did, Tuesday before last, and you can also view the presentation that Cheryl gave regarding the perfect seven plan. Hope this helps!!
Anonymous said…
Thanks, but I have done that. No one ever responds to emails. I have sent several. I can't get anyone on the phones either. I also don't know who my alpha leader is, and my sponsor is not really active and does not listen to the calls. That is why I was looking for something in writing about the FAST Cash program. Since today ends the month, I will probably miss this one!! I already checked the webexone. Thanks again for your help.

Anonymous said…
To qualify for the Quick Start Bonus, you need to be on a minimum $100BV autoship. Depending on your title, your will get 20%-30% commision on up to $300BV of the person that you enrolled. For example, if the person you enrolled has $500BV, you will get paid 20-30% commision on $300 of that $500. I hope this makes sense.
Anonymous said…
Where is the Malaysian Mango Nectar that is listed on the web site under journey of the senses? I saw it on a piece of literature once but have not seen it in the line. Is this fragrance coming out soon?

Also, are the candles in the little brown glass containers going to be a part of the line?

I have been hearing that the candles will not be the soy candles with the oils we love so much, but wax. Is this true?

Love the products, just curious.

Anonymous said…
I was wondering about that mango product and the candles too!!
Anonymous said…
The call last night was very exciting and uplifting. I must say Thank you Nadine for sharing with us what has been going on. I am so happy to hear that the lawsuits and all of the unpleasantness is now finally really behind you/us. Thank you for not giving up, and continuing to work to make Soul Purpose a reality.

I believe Soul Purpose is about to take off and make Nadine Thompson and Soup Purpose a household name!!

Congratulations, and much success!! I know you can do it!!

Anonymous said…
Greetings Nadine, I was also very glad to hear that the lawsuits have been dropped and that you can now move forward with Soul Purpose. Praise God! for the victory. I know only good things will happen for you and the entire Soul Purpose family!!

Stay Blessed

Anonymous said…
can anyone tell me if the custards are in? One the call almost 2 weeks ago they said the custards were in, but I am still not able to order them. When will they be available for ordering? Thanks!!
Nadine said…
The custards are now ready and available for purchase. We suffered some setbacks with our manufacturer but they are back on schedule and our custards have finally been shipped to our warehouse in San Diego. The custards have turned out beautifully and I believe you will be pleased. By the way the other products are on their way as well our gels and lotions and they have turned out exceptionally well, we are proud to oofer them to you or entrepreneurs and your customers.
Nadine said…
Malayasian Mango!
I love our new mango fragrance and yes it part of the jouney of the senses collection but I decided not to launch it at the beginning of Soul Purpose. I wanted to do fragrances that were a little more global and exotic for our beginning. The mango fragrance will be a part of the fruits and passion collection that will be launched mid summer. There are some other beautiful fragrances that will be made available soon. Thank you for the question and the interest.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Nadine about the info on the candles, I noticed that too and was thinking I mis-read about the mango. Do the soy candles contain the oils that can be used on the skin? I am just so excited and can't wait too get them.....
Anonymous said…
On the call Tuesday night Nadine said we will have those wonderful candles you are asking about.

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