Welcome to my website, to my story and to what I hope will be our conversation.

I have been a counselor, a coach, and an entrepreneur and what I know is come to realize that a healthy, loving community--even one that begins on-line-- can sustain individuals and support them on their journey to empowerment.

My thought is that much can be accomplished if we just take the time to listen to one another and that healing often occurs during the quiet reflection that occurs both during and after conversation. Telling your authentic story, I believe, is an empowering experience and the story can be told either through the spoken or written word.

At Nadine Thompson.com I do two things: tell my story (so you know who I am and you can see what we have in common and what interests you) and begin to create an on-line community in which everyone who wants to, can participate. Please feel free to sign up for my email list; sign the guest book and participate on my blog if you wish. This can be our community.

I look forward to hearing from you and to knowing you.

Come on in!



Anonymous said…
Thank you so very much for sharing your story and vision.

You could not speak empowerment, healing and peace into existence if you didn't already have them within you to give.

You were born for such a time as this.

So as a friend once told me, "step into your destiny".

As surely as night follows day, many will follow your example, and step into their destiny as well.

I plan to be one of them.

See you the first day of the launch.

Valerie W.
Anonymous said…
Hi Nadine,
What timing! I had just finished viewing and reading every word, comma, and exclamation mark of your website. I read your vision, testimony, Dig another well, etc. I am so encoruaged and ready. I have even familiarized myself with the background of your partners. Continue to be blessed because your life has blessed so many others. I'll be one of the first in line to partner with God in what He desires to do in your life on behalf of others.

Darlene S. H. of Philly
Anonymous said…
Peace and Blessing my dear Nadine.

My heart is overjoyed because I know that God is continuing a mighty work through you. We have only just begun to realize our potential and it is because of His gifts to you that you continue to bless each of us. You are a "Phenomenal Woman" of God. Peace and Blessings Always. Gemini617

"Still I Rise"

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops,
Weakened by my soulful cries.

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don't you take it awful hard
'Cause I laugh like I got gold mines
Diggin' in my own back yard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I'll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I've got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

Out of the huts of history's shame
I rise
Up from a past that's rooted in pain
I rise
I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise.

© Maya Angelou, 1978
Anonymous said…
Truly this is Nirvana!
See you in 2008!
Anonymous said…
If your timing were anymore perfect, I'd think you were reading my mind. I look forward to walking with you in quest, in your new venture of empowerment. 'See' you in January.

Jane P.
Anonymous said…
Hi Nadine,

I have been viewing and reading all of the information on yur website and I faxed my visionary circle enrollment form in today. I am EXCITED about this new venture and look forward to being empowered!

I thank God for blessing you with the vision to empower black women and women of color across the globe. Although I have never met you personally, I feel your spirit and it is absolutely beautiful!

Peace and Blessings to you and your family!
Anonymous said…
Grace & Peace to You Nadine!
2008 is the Year of New Beginnings!
Excited for you and EXCITED I found you!
Looking Forward to launching with you!

S.N. in VA
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Nadine
I am truly excited about the launch of Soul Purpose. Your timing could not be better.
New Year.........New Beginnings.
Thank you so very much for the opportunity
Anonymous said…
Greetings Nadine,

Off to a great beginning in 2008!

Congratulations to you with Soul Purpose. May we continue to grow, learn and prosper together with God's blessings.

Your site is beautiful and truly reflect your spirit. I'm so looking forward to the absolute power that will come through Soul Purpose.

Be well dear sister and looking forward.
Peace & Blessings - TSeck
Soldier_Gurl said…

Congratulations on your (unofficial) launch of Soul Purpose. I have been praying for you and your family for great health and success. I see the blessings of the Lord on your behalf and just wanted you to know that "the blessings of the Lord makes (one) rich and He adds no sorrow with it." Proverb 10.22 And, "...may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered for a little while, with restore, support, strengthen, and establish you." 1 Peter 5.10

I am EXCITED to be on your team!

msseh said…
Greetings Nadine,

When I saw your site was finally up I was so excited.

I printed the application immediately and glad to say that I am part of the Visionary Circle. I look forward to working with like minded women who also share in your vision. I knew it would only be a matter of time before you came back, I knew your silence meant you were being still and listening to the voice of God to tell you when to move.

I wish you much success with this new project

Anonymous said…
I'm a former warm spirit consultant and when you had to leave warm spirit I was disappointed and my spirits went down. I've been thinking about you lately wondering what you was doing. When my warm spirit sponsor called my up and told me about your new bath and body products line and gave me your website address I was so excited. I can't wait until March for your launch. Thank you for coming back to help us out.
Anonymous said…
I'm so excited to hear from you again. I met Char Knox in Indianapolis, Indiana I was happy to see her. But when she came the second time around I ask her How can I reach you and she told me that I have to email her to get to you and I was saying to myself "bullcrap". And then she told us not to talk to our business partners if they aint trying to do something in warm spirit and I thought that was mean and silly. I'm just glad that you're back and don't trust nobody when it comes to business (money).
Anonymous said…
HI it's me again
I'm wondering if there any way that your prices won't be so high and when we bring somebody in it won't cost that much. Because the people I deal with is below middle class and I understand that warm spirit was for middle class and up type of people. Will you be having any feet products? Thank you for all your help.
mrszenkarma said…
God is Awesome!!!

How wonderful it is to see how the Lord opened up a window and poured out his blessing upon you.

I am so thankful for you and the opportunity that you have shared with me and so many others. When I received an email about Soul Purpose I immediately went to the site and printed out the application and faxed it in. No second thoughts, no hesitation at all.

I was very sad and disappointed when I learned that you had left Warm Spirit. I am glad to see you back doing YOU and I pray that you are blessed constantly.

Thank you for allowing to have another opportunity to help others live a more healthier happier lifestyle.

God Bless
Latasha Lee said…
Hi Nadine,

I am so overjoyed to see that you are still pressing forward and God is blessing you with everything that you need to make things happen for you, and allow you to continue pass these blessings on to others. I am formerly a warm spirit consultant and when I read the letter that you were no longer with the company, my first thought was that things are not going to be the same. I did a search for you on Google and at the time nothing but things in reference to warm spirit appeared. I was so happy to hear that your launched you new business, Soul Purpose. I went to the website and read over all the material, and printed the application to forward to you. I also signed up for emails. I called my best friend that brought me into the warm spirit world to let her know so that she would do the same. I am so HAPPY for you. You are an inspiration to ALL women that it can be done.
Anonymous said…
Dear Nadine,

I am convinced that the LORD has led me to your website. I am amazed at how much my vision for holistic care parallels your vision for wellness and empowerment! It is as if Soul Purpose is an answer to my prayers. I am currently enrolled in your Visionary Circle despite the fact that I have traditionally been a skeptic of direct-sales and distribution networks establishments. However, I have such a deep passion and belief in Soul Purpose that I want to share this opportunity with individuals whom I believe are ready for change and personal growth. I am able, willing, and eager to “launch out to the deep and cast my net,” (Luke 5:4)! I look forward to sharing a rewarding and phenomenal business relationship with the Soul Purpose family.

Peace and blessings,

Nadine said…
Good evening everyone,
I have been reading these blog entries and I am deeply moved by your words of encoragement, love and support. I am deeply grateful for this blessing to be able to create Soul Purpose. So many people including investors, artists, musicians, business people and vendors have all come together to create something beautiful and sustainable. I am grateful for your words and invite you to write often. I plan to be adding daily submissions in order to continue communicating with you.
Much love,
Anonymous said…
Hi Nadine,
It's so good to hear from you. I received my email confirmation inducting me into the Visionary Cirlce and I am so excited! I can't wait to get my enrollment kit and more information about the products. I have been spreading the word. The website is beautiful and is very professional. I like that. Thank you so much!
Anonymous said…

I remember when I first found out about WS in 2002 and how I fell in love with the products. Then I learned over time that it was more than the products but the person who was behind it... I learned to love you as a person and your passion that you put into each and every product. I am so excited about Soul Purpose and the blessing that it is going to bring into my life. I look forward to sharing this opportunities with others and creating a better life for myself and my son. Life will never be the same in Colorado. I have truly found my "soul purpose". Can't wait to hear your voice when launch arrives.
Nadine said…
Happy Saturday morning,
I woke up this morning to some beautiful emails from people who received my newsletter. I am always so happy to hear from you and even more happy when something I have written resonates with a reader. Today i woke up to the news on TV and seeing the controversy about the clintons and Obama and race. I will refrain from comment on the politics but i agree with Obama and what I do believe is that it is important to have a dream, it is important for us to have a vision and it is important to have hope. Those things keep us on track and feed our spirit as we travel our journey. I wish you the best for today and I hope that you are fueled and sustained by your hope, faith and vision.
Much love to you,
Anonymous said…
I know that you are working on the compensation plan and I just wanted to know if you can make it where we don't have to work like there's no tomorrow. Like for example for beginners that $200 a month of sales was really hard. Are you going to have it set up where we buy wholesale and sell retail? Or is it going to be a 25% and up check?
Anonymous said…
Hi Lady Nadine,

Deep within our hearts, each of us carries the seed of a secret dream, special and unique to each individual.Sometimes another person can share that dream and help it grow to fulfillment; other times the dream remains a solitary pursuit, know only to the seeker. But secret or shared, no matter what it might be, a dream is a potential which should never be discouraged. For each of us also carries within ourselves a light which can cause the seed to grow and blossom into beautiful reality...that same light I've seen shine so clearly in you.

Thank you for that "Warm" Illumination of light from your "Soul" that you continue to share with others to help make dreams come true. See you in March!

May God's richest blessings be yours.

Your Sister in Christ
Anonymous said…

I have followed you for some time and all I can say is there is no where to go but UP! The rest of us will be supporting you on this incredible soulful journey. It's has been well over due. Here to success for you and all of us.

Debbi P - St. Louis
Anonymous said…
I am so happy for you Nadine. I look forward to your launch in March. The website is so much more user friendly. The product I could see on the website is BEAUTIFUL. Makes you want to buy it. I know you listen to what your community wants so it will be exciting to watch this company soar in 2008.

kimberly m
Anonymous said…
I know that everything might not be together yet. But I was wondering that when we buy samples can we get credit for buying it?
Anonymous said…
I just fax my pre-launch enrollment in I just want to know do you have your 1000 people yet.
Anonymous said…
Dear Nadine:

So glad to see you have created Soul Purpose. You WERE Warm Spirit as far as I am concerned. And I missed out on the beginning of Warm Spirit...I won't be missing out on Soul Purpose. As God would have it I forgot to renew my Warm Spirit for 2008...shortly thereafter I received the e-mail about Soul Purpose. God is always working it out!

Looking forward to a great 2008 with Soul Purpose!
Anonymous said…
Hi Nadine,

I have read your book and listen to
to your empowerment you are a blessing to every person I feel there is so much to learn from you and thank you for sharing.

Want to hear about your launch.

Anonymous said…
Hi Nadine,
I loved your newsletter. When I read it, I began to cry. It reminded me of the old days in WS and it showed me what was now missing. They will never be able to duplicate you...never!
They can hire all the black women that they want. There is only one Nadine Abraham Thompson...PERIOD! We are ready to go. About 100 people on the team, conference calls beginning next week, and launch parties set for March. I can't wait to be at a trade show next to the ones that didn't believe and when we set-up, they will have to shut down..lol! All of the crowd will be around us because we are the truth. No one can deny the truth. The story is real, the mission is real and the people are real. Talk to you soon!
Nadine said…
Good morning Soul Purpose Family,
I really believe in our community and I am so encouraged by all of your postings on the blog. Your messages mean the absolute world to me and your words encourage and affirm the enourmous task ahead. We have designed the most beautiful products for you in Soul Purpose with a vision that is unlike any other Direct Sales company available right now. I ask you to keep me in your prayers today and in the months ahead. The legal attacks have begun as people are threatened by the imminent success of what we are capable of doing and achieving. To continue with my vision of emppowering women of color is a an enourmous blessing and calling what I was unaware of was how many people are eager to see us fail and keep us in our place if you will. Our success is right within our grasp and it depends on each and every one of us to forge ahead with our soul purpose. Let's continue to spread the word about our beautiful venture and let's lift each other up in prayer... "for this is the day that the Lord has made, let's be glad and rejoice in it..."
Carry on with your Soul Purpose today and be blessed!
Much love to you,
Anonymous said…
Greetings Nadine,

I am so hyped. I have never seen myself as a salesperson, but honestly Soul Purpose is selling itself. People are steadily calling and e-mailing me about how excited they are about executing your vision. I must confess that I am so excited about receiving the Visionary Kit. Since the 15th of January, I have been going to my mailbox hoping that this was the day. Have you had an opportunity to mail the kit yet? I look forward to receiving it. In the meantime, I will be praying for you and the Soul Purpose family. Remember that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

Peace and blessings,

Anonymous said…
Be still and watch as He unfolds His plan. Truly, this is Nirvana.

Nadine said…
thank you so much for your emails, feedback and prayers today. My mood has settled and alot was accomplished today. On another note, I would love to hear from all of you about your "soul - purpose". What are the things that bring you joy in your life. I am hoping to put together a soul purpose page to post people's response's; it could be quite fascinating. So please ask your friend's and family to come onto our blog and tell us about their "soul purpose".
Have a great weekend, much love,
Anonymous said…
My soul purpose is to work in the cause of truth and to help with the mental and spiritual resurrection of my people.
Anonymous said…
Hi Nadine,

One of the things that brings me the most joy is to hear the laughter of children and to see that innocence and sparkle in their eyes. I love being with my husband and children just at home talking or watching a good movie together. Listening to good, ole school, classic music and music from the '80's gives me a feeling of nostalgia. The simple pleasures in life brings me JOY!

Peace and Blessings to you!
Anonymous said…
Greetings Nadine

What brings me so much joy is being with my family, to see my children laughing and joking with each other puts a smile on my face and in my heart. My soul purpose is to be able to help someone who is less fortunate than I am, even its only to give them some kind words of encouragement. If I am able to give back in some way that does my heart good. I believe that in order to get a blessing you have to be a blessing.

Thanks so much for allowing us to share what's in our hearts!!

Stay Encouraged!!
Nadine said…
Happy Sunday Morning!
Thank you for your posts last night, they made me weep. I love this community and I love the spirit that exists among us. Please read my new entry about finding your soul purpose on my new entry on the blog; it is called Your Soul Purpose on Sunday morning. Please have a wonderful day and please keep communicating with me.
much love,
Anonymous said…
I liken this stage of the venture to a woman being pregnant with a baby and about to give birth. There will be great pain but once the baby is born you momentarily forget about the pain that it took to bring it forth.

When the powers that be found out Mary was going to give birth to Jesus, a male child destined to rule, they ordered that all male children be killed. So it is with this venture, the so called powers that be want to kill it before it comes to birth because they know what great impact Soul Purpose will have on the WORLD! No weapons formed against the righteous shall prosper!
Anonymous said…
Hi Nadine,

My soul purpose is to glorify God by following Jesus Christ's example. I believe my life mission is to holistically facilitate the developmental, interpersonal, physiological, educational, professional, and spiritual growth of individuals, so they can be healthy, vibrant change agents to themselves and others. Grace and peace,

Anonymous said…
Good Evening Nadine,

What is my soul purpose? My soul purpose is to try to live each and every day in the will of God. I want to be able to be a blessing to many people, helping them empower and enrich their lives while empowering and enriching my own. I want to live so that my daughters will be proud of the legacy that left for them to follow and the foundation laid for them strong.

Anonymous said…
Blessings Nadine,

It's so exciting to keep seeing updates on your website. Your Soul Purpose and Nadine Thompson websites, as well as the pictures of the product line are all a thousand times more appealing, classier and more Diva-like than WS!!!! What a blessing! It is clear that the Lord had you reserve the best for your own business because you are worth it and you deserve it...and I must say, you are looking pretty fly!

I have been recruiting like crazy and can't wait to receive my kit so that I can recruit even more! I know we (Soul Purpose) will be much larger than 1000 strong for the official launch in March, and becoming the leader in the industry.

I hope you don't mind that I included this motivational link to add to the excitement that eveyone has in preparing to operate their Soul Purpose business. I think everyone will enjoy it.

www.nc212movie. com but without the space of course.

I gotcho' back Nadine!
oka warmspirit_girl
Anonymous said…
Greetings Soul Purpose Family,

My zeal for Soul Purpose continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Your blog entries have inspired me so deeply. I am so thankful for your pearls of wisdom. I have noticed that some of you have already begun to market your teams on the internet. You have encouraged me to be really serious about building my team. I must admit, however, that I need to be mentored in this venture. Being an entrepreneur is new to me. I admittedly have the ZEAL but I need to increase the KNOWLEDGE to grow and prosper.

I by no means desire to personally gain from others labor. Nevertheless, I would love to attend a training or seminar designed to thoroughly educate newcomers to the direct sales business. Perhaps those of you who have experienced direct sales success will be instrumental in aiding in this process.

Nadine, thank you again for being a conduit of change. I am so thankful for your dynamic leadership.

Grace and peace,

Anonymous said…

You continue to inspire me to live my vision. The vision you outline for Soul Purpose resonates in my Spirit, and draws me closer to destiny! I am excited about the visonary opportunity, and look forward to continuing to work with you in 2008. I especially love your Oomph Beauty Blog. The vision of beauty that leaps out from the words you wrote is one that can be embraced by women all over the world. To me, beauty comes from within--from the Spirit of Jesus Christ within--and then resonates to the world from the living water within. I am so looking forward to living my dream, my vision, of a health and wellness spa business (in Southern California). I look forward to being a Soul Purpose Visonary! Be blessed, my visionary example! Luv, Connie
Anonymous said…
February 3, 2008
Lady Nadine,
I kept on searching until I found new information on Google! Praise God for new technology!
Thank you so much for your vision.
In addition, your commitment to empowerment, self-care and wellness.
The word says to, write the vision and make it plain the prayer of “JABEZ” is upon you- enlarge your territory.

I look forward to being a part of the vision and journey.
The best is yet to come!

I faxed my application and signed for the newsletter.

God's hand is upon you.

Bless you,
Anonymous said…
yes i can not wait to get started every thing look very good!!!! nadine blessing to you and yours felicia from chicago
Anonymous said…
Woo-Hoo! That call last night was SO empowering and exciting! I am pumped up and ready to roll. Thank you Lady Nadine and all your soldiers for the hard work. It was great to hear Toni's voice and Cheryl's voice on the call!
Anonymous said…
I am so very honored to be touched by your spirit. I look forward to launching another business with you and I KNOW that Soul Purpose is truly YOUR calling. God always makes a way when we think there is no way at all. The energy on last week's national call was crazy!!! I love it! I look forward to experiencing all Soul Purpose has for this wonderful, loving community.
AnjelMarie said…
I'm glad to see your back but I'm still a little disappointed. I became a WS consultant because I loved what you were about and then a couple of months into this new journey for me, *poof* you were gone. Of course I don't know what happened but my issue was how consultants found out about your departure - one day a email saying the new person is some man. Maybe I missed the memo, maybe I missed an email but all I know is one day I get an email saying you were gone. Alot of women, especially women of color, were inspired by you and it was kind of a let down not to hear anything from you.. an official letter, a good bye, a 'Note From the Desk of Nadine' saying you were leaving. In no way am I saying that we needed to know the exact details of your departure but something as simple as 'my time has come.. I want to thank all of you.. '
Well, like I said.. I'm glad to see you back. Good luck with everything Queen.
Anonymous said…

To shed a little light on the situation for you, Nadine was legally ordered not to speak to the consultants. She did not leave because she wanted to, she was forced out of the company she built by her so called partner. It was a hostile takeover. I've learned that that man that replaced her is no longer with WS. That ship is sinking.

But Praise the Lord for blessing Nadine with this Soul Purpose vision! Let's look forward and move forward!
Anonymous said…
Wow, that had to be devastating.. How do you get forced out of your own company? That is crazy!! Was she not legally a partner? How was he able to do that and she walk away with nothing? Did he buy her out??

What goes around comes around, and I am sure he will get his!! I always read that they were such great friends and everything.

Thank God Nadine had the strength to move forward and do her own thing!! We are all behind her and plan to work hard to make Soul Purpose and even bigger success!!

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