Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are you living a purpose-full life?

Today I was inspired by Oprah's show with Will Smith. i don't watch Oprah very often but I decided to watch it today because I like Will Smith. Ms. Oprah did a wonderful interview and I really enjoyed the show.
Will Smith talked about living a life that has purpose andthat rang so true for me since I am so committed to living my Soul Purpose. I love my business, I love my company and i like the idea of empowering people to hear their calling and live out their Soul Purpose. Will said unless you are making someone else's life better, then you're wasting your time. He talked about his purpose of making people's lives better and that was inspiring and refreshing. He continued by saying that "your life will become better by making someone else's life better".
The discussion then progressed to a discussion about loss, what is loss and how do we react to loss in our lives. We often see our life on a continuim or straight line. A straight line beginning with birth, then life, and ends with death. BUT then there is rebirth; and we often miss that. It is really more circular involving birth, life, death and rebirth. This is a natural law, the way nature works. you see it in plants in their seasonal cycle. Someone also pointed out to me a few years ago that if you look at a limb of a tree or plant there is always a scar where there is a new growth. Growth often involves pain and even death. Death of an idea, a vision, a goal, a relationship a thing. But once that loss occurs there is then a rebirth that also is possible and occurs if we open ourselves up to accepting what God (the Universe) has in store for us.
It is neccessary to remember that when you loose something the death is painful but you have to stay awake for the rebirth that God is about to offer you.
Staying awake, being faithful and being open is important for our rebirth and our continued growth.
It is important for me to remember that also I have suffered great losses in my life, it is important to note that in every instance there was a rebirth, a healing, but most important new opportunities that have occured in my life after those losses. But it required alot of strength and courage, faith and openess to his will in order for the rebirth to occur and for me to continue on the journey of God's will in my life.
Much love to you today.
My hope for you is that there is purpose in your life and that you stay open to growth and rebirth.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday and it has been aninteresting day. I was first awakened by my daughter who was the first to wish me a happy birthday. It was awesome! I later spoke wih my parents and my brother and my close friends and that was great too. I remember a few years ago when i was at Warm Spirit i must have rec'd at least a dozen flower arrangements etc, our home was full and I felt appreciated in a grand way. today i received flowers from one of my best friends and my husband and that was enough. Imagine that, it was enough!!!!
The hugs , calls, text messages from my children were enough, enough!!! loved the dinner with my husband, it was perfect.
All of this to say, that I spent the day cleaning my home, fixing up the yard and front porch for christmas. I felt lots of anxiety about the holidays, finances, bills, my new company. but the work to make my home beautiful for my family helped calm my anxieties and fears. By the end of the day, I felt blessed and grateful. Grateful for my friends, my family and most important for a loving family and authentic friends. We all have so much to be grateful for and each birthday gives us the opportunity for another year to have learned and to grow and achieve more wisdom.
I am grateful for another day, another minute, another year of a blessed life. My promise and birthday gift to myself is to continue to live with an attitude of gratitude.
Much love,